TEXT TOPIC: Did you have any weird family rules when you were growing up?

If you were on time for curfew you were late. You were expected to be home 15 minutes before your curfew.

Rules, not allowed to watch Golden Girls, Friends, BH 90210 or The Simpson's ... because they "took the Lord's name in vain".

Bath water couldn't be deeper than the palm of your hand. Could only use 3 squares of TP at a time

Step dad wouldn't let us have the tv volume higher than 25. Would flip if it was higher. Even tell us we couldn't watch tv anymore.

We couldn't say Fart...we had to say Fluff instead

my grandma used to make us eat our meals in a circle because as kids we ate our favorite thing first and then would claim we were too full to eat the rest

as a kid my dad wouldn't let me or my sisters paint our nails until we were 12 and we couldn't wear makeup until 14. I get the makeup rule, but polish??

No sleeping in, get up do chores. Also no staying in PJs. Must get dressed. Never go in public not ready for the day or in pajama pants. Ever!

growing up friends (even cousins) weren’t allowed in my parents room. It was so strict that even today as an adult I feel weird going into friends bedrooms. I always ask like 3x to make sure they re cool with it

my friend's dad was known as 4-square. Everyone in their house was limited to 4 squares of toilet paper. ..

I couldn't say shut up, or hate

We were never allowed to whistle in the house. Drove my mom nuts. Now I'm the same way with my daughter.

had a gf that her family rule was that after she was 16 she could go on dates but couldn''t go on a date with the same twice in a row. She had to go on a 3 date rotation.

had a lock on the pantry so we wouldn't feed neighbor kids during the summer while my parents were at work

can't watch spongebob because my mom believes that rumor that it was made as an adult show about sex toys

we weren't allowed to have bare feet in the house unless we had just showered. Socks always and only!

We weren't allowed to go to movies until we were 18. My parents were friends with the owner of the only theater in town so we couldn't even sneak in.

me and my sisters had to wear only white bras and white underwear, not ever black or red because they are the "devil''s " colors. We werent allowed to have friends that were boys.

we could only have 1 drinking cup to use throughout the day. Real butter is for the adults, fake butter for kids

We couldn’t open my moms top drawer. That’s it. One rule. I peeked once. I regret it.

No elbows on the table when eating dinner, if caught your elbow was smacked with a butter knife.

We couldn't sit on the chairs in the living room. The chairs was professionally covered with plastic.

I couldn’t be in the shower for more than 10 minutes or take my fire Cd with mixed music into the shower either because I’d take at least an hour while I finished my concert.

We weren’t allowed to have a bag of chips at home. My dad was a health freak

Couldn't play in the front yard!

we couldn't chew gum, eat sunflower seeds

Our food portions were measured and we weren''t allowed to eat past a certain time at night. I had to sleep with my door open to ensure I didn''t sneak out and the miles on my car were monitored. Yup. Life was fun

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