TEXT TOPIC: As an Uber or Lyft driver, what makes you rate a rider low?

sending me a text because they forgot something in my car but really hit on me and asked me out.

In most cases not tipping gets you 3 stars from me

I'm an Uber driver. Only give less than a 5 star if someone pukes in my car or is an A-hole/rude. It's rare, maybe 1 in 100 people

I have driven both Uber and lift for a year and a half. By default I give everyone a five unless they make a mess in my car, they take way too much time getting to my car, or say inappropriate things. That may lose than one star but even that is rare. Being extremely rude or making a mess of my car will get them or three are lower. Anyone I rate of three or less I will never have to drive again just like any driver you rate for three or lower it will never Be paired up with you again. Contrary to some opinions it has nothing to do with Tips because on Uber I have to write a passenger before I even leave where I drop them off and for the most part we can''t write on lyft after a few hours.

Running late. No destination pin. Crappy attitude. Giving me directions. Opening my windows without asking.

don't rate drivers well if they don't carry on conversations.

The main reason is for leaving a mess or they are super creepy so I don’t have to give them a ride again

Telling me time is critical on a Sunday morning because they have a 1015 brunch reservation.

Slamming my doors or talking loudly on the phone and not acknowledging my existence

late, body odor, tell me how to drive

making us wait, disrespectful, no tip, leaving trash, being rude.

if you rudely tell me every turn to make like I don't have a GPS in front of me, acting like I work for you.

eating in my car. Asking inappropriate questions.

Asking if I'm 420 friendly and then asking if I wanted to smoke with him.

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