TEXT TOPIC: Someone passed and you didn't have a chance to make amends?

My Dad passed away. Never wanted a relationship with me. Only wanted love from my brothers. So for so many years I felt disliked by him. I was next to his beside when he passed in 2015 not my brothers. I live everyday with the question why? What did I do to him? I never told him I loved him. I live with the regrets of not asking those questions or letting him know that I loved him no matter what

I’ve lost 19 people in my life in the last 10 years. Only 4 died of old age or natural causes. I think about them all almost daily and at least half of them, there were words left unsaid. It tears me up all the time. Needless to say, I talk to them all the time. My comfort is that hopefully they are still listening

My moms side of the family become estranged to my mom, she died suddenly & now they wish they could apologize to her. Too late bitches! 

my dad passed suddenly. We were not close, but he was trying to make mends with me. I wish I would of said that I accept his apology. He knew I loved him, but I hadn''t forgiven him yet. I live with that everyday.

one of my best friends and I fought over a person I was dating. He did not like this person at all. We ended up not talking for months. I moved out of stare and when I was in town I happened to run into him and we hugged and made up. A week later he passed away and I am grateful everyday we had that day to makeup. Truly feel like there are no accidents we ran into each other!!

my brother died from an overdose 4 years ago, he was 31. I wish I would have told him I loved him instead of pushing him away because his addiction.

My sons friend came to live with us for a year, cause his mom was a drunk. Loved him like a son, he died suddenly while parkouring Just wanted him to know we love him.

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