TEXT TOPIC: Did you get injured in the bathroom?

used to "skate" in the tub (putting soap on the bottom and "skate" around) one time she fell and had to get stitches on her chin.

i lost my balance on the bathroom counter off landed on an open cupboard between my legs. So much blood.

we had a pedestal sink, since we had no counter space, I would put my curling iron across it when heating up. My husband was getting in the shower but leaned over the sink to check something on his face. Not seeing my curling iron... to this day I remind him of the curling iron even though we no longer have the pedestal sink

I slipped on a rubber mat in my bathroom I tried to catch myself and ended up falling on my own leg and breaking it in two spots..

I was leaning down to start te shower and the way my boobs shifted (42F) threw out my back. No phone to call for help so all i could do was lay on the floor and cry

threw my back out having sex in the shower.

husband slipped getting out of the tub. Bruised tailbone, elbow, and hip. He felt so dumb! Almost 50, first old guy fall, lol.

so my husband surprised me with a weekend at anniversary inn for my birthday. We were getting out of the jacuzzi tub and my husband slipped and fell.I laughed so hard I cried! We ended up spending the rest of our night at the emergency room. He ended up spraining his wrist. I felt awful for crying but it was funny!

Got out of shower to grab shaver, slipped over toilet backwards & fell into tub. Broke my elbow in 2 places. Have plate, screws & 3" scar. Worst pain ever!

Tryna get it on in the shower, my hubs slipped and whacked his head on the faucet.

I was stepping out of the tub and on to the bath mat. My foot slipped on a patch of conditioner and that made the bath mat slip. So I did the splits and hit my lady part on the edge of the tub. Bruising for days.

Passed out while using the toilet fell back into the tub shower curtain came down as well hit my head on the faucet and was pregnant when it happened.

Giving the toddler a bath I hit my knee on the tub so hard I bruised the bone. I was limping for weeks

Was visiting relatives, their shower was old and had that protruding metal soap holder. I was just the right height and turned just right and it sliced my butt cheek open. Huge deep gash, ended up needing stitches, my aunt still has pictures of my butt and this was more than 10 years ago!

Was washing my hair and my neck popped. Nor only did I feel the pop, I heard it. Couldn't look right for over 2 weeks.

hit my funnybone while on the toilet and it made me pass out. I fell forward and hit my head on the tub. Luckily it didn't split open

Fell in the shower when I was 7 months pregnant with twins. That damn tummy screwed up my balance ># sore but babies were fine!

ex slipped getting out of the shower and knocked his tooth out and an old coworker slipped out of the shower ended up w/2 black eyes, both from hitting the counter.

I was trying to potty train my son in the bathroom and someone left one of the bathroom cabinet doors open. My back was facing the cabinet and when I went to squat down to get face to face with him, the corner of it went straight into my lady parts and cut me bad. Had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance because I was bleeding so much and had to get stitches.

I was putting lotion on my legs after I got out of the tube and as I bent over I smacked my forehead on the sink and knocked myself out cold! Hubby found me naked and unconscious on the floor!

new house bent over to pick up shampoo and smacked my head on the shelf. Almost blacked out.

I dropped my super hot curling iron on my leg and it stuck to my leg!!! It burned so hot and fast I had to peel it off my leg!!

lost my grip on the curling iron and it dropped on my EYEBALL. Eye went blurry. Had a patch on for days

My cousin slipped in the show, sprained shoulder, elbow contusion, fractured wrist, and a concussion.

had a panic attack in the shower and got dizzy and fell out taking the curtain with me.

Got turned around while washing my hair, slipped and fell, grabbing the shower curtain and landed with the side of the tub in the middle of my back...total all-star wrestling move.

I was plugging in my mom''s curlers for her. when I was plugging them in the socket sparked. It shocked me and burned my hand. I had metal burned into my hand. Didn''t tell anyone.

got out of the shower and slipped on the bathroom rug and landed on the ledge of the shower and cut up my butt cheek. It Hurt to sit for the longest time

When my hubby was a kid, he was in the bathtub waiting 4 his turn 2 slide down the smooth side of the tub....his feet slipped & he created a new hole in his nether region. His Mom had 2 lift him off the water knob (old fashioned kind that look like an X) & take him to the E.R. to get stitches! Yowch!!! And yes we do have kids!!

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