• I'm getting my life ready to move to England for a man that is older than my dad
  • have two guys in my life and I seriously don't know what to do
  • my husband would let me have sex with anyone but it's funner to do it behind his back
  • I love my kids but sometimes I wish I wouldn''t have had them. They fight constantly, whine constantly, and being a stay at home mom means I have ZERO time for myself. I want to run away.
  • my husband and I are separated but we still sleep together when his new gf isn't around. Sorry not sorry.
  • I keep strong scented lotion at my desk @work & use it to cover up any unexpected smelly gas...
  • I Nap on your floors Make myself coffee Snack on your candy -Signed your housekeeper #wegettiredtoo
  • I'm a pizza delivery man, this weekend I delivered to a house that had a door wide open. I yelled in and then I walked in on a full on porn shoot

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