TEXT TOPIC: What gadget did you break out of frustration?

7 months prego trying 2 find a address not on Google while talkin2 the hubby got pissed and broke my phone in half then started crying

my boyfriend HATES losing at video games. I can’t tell you how many controllers he’s broken but the last one he dismantled with a giant dagger. I haven’t let him played since

not me but was in a cell phone store and someone came in and they had bent their iPhone completely in half

I break PS4 controllers about every 3 months or so.

back on 2013 broke a brand new galaxy S3

put screw driver thru it... 3 times

My husband has probably destroyed three or four smoke detectors. He does replace them eventually, but they get destroyed if they beeped in the night.

I destroyed so many phones every time I'm upset I just Throw the phone on the wall on the floor

broke a carpet cleaner because my daughter had gotten lice in kindergarten there was about 10 students in her class That had gotten it and it stopped suctioning midway through carpet cleaning and so I threw it out the bedroom window

I’ve broken many ( 8-10 new iphones) from a competitive game I enjoy and still play Yeah doesn’t make sense I know. I’m 6 months without breaking a phone though so I’m learning lol

I took a hammer to my cell phone and blew up the battery which started it on fire because my ex-husband wouldn’t stop calling me and I’m saying 150times a day. But I’ll tell you what, it felt really good to do it!

broke plenty of remotes watching football, hockey and basketball

had a fitbit and after 6 months I snapped it in half! It made me neurotic from checking my steps constantly and didn't work half the time.

my husband destroys phones when he is pissed he expensive

broke the bathroom scale because that b-ya kept lying to me! I picked her up and threw it her on the tile!

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