TEXT TOPIC: Happy Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is you PA text?

to the upstairs neighbors.. just move already! Don't worry we will mow the lawn

upper management, please put together an organization tree. I have no idea who is my actual boss!

You know I can really ruin your life because you demoted me for religious reasons right?

To our neighbors across the street. Move out of your parents already you''re all in your 20s. Also our neighborhood is not a chop shop work on your stupid diesel trucks, motorcycles etc elsewhere.


I got Into a crash last night. And the person that was in the other car was a grandma. She wasn't smart, and blames everything on me

dear nursing professors, why do you tell us you''re here to support us and then treat us like idiots when we have questions or come to you with concerns? Your making my dream program real crappy

Your yoga program is a fraud. Stop taking people's money and making promises you can't fulfill, I want my money back. Also, an actual response would be

You're getting married in 2 months. STOP trying to hit me up for a booty call!! I'm not your fiance.

why do people slam on their breaks around the "north point of the mountain" up in NSL??? ALL. THE. TIME!! No reason at all!!!

You were invited to a girls weekend... no you can't bring your husband! And no it's not ok to invite your family and other friends.. Ugh!

BLINKERS! They are to warn drivers that you are getting ready to slow down to turn...not to tell us what we know you are doing already. Gggrrr

to my asshat brother living with mom for two years paying her nothing. You're 57 yo and over $100k in the bank and you can't help care for her post surgery?

to my neighbor that I share a wall with in our home. You don''t need to have your music blasting until all hours in the night everyday day of the week. I have 2 young kids that can''t sleep because your music is so loud. One that needs to sleep for school and I''m going to send my very moody 3 year old over when she throws one of her amazing tantrums because she didn''t get enough sleep.

to my two faced coworker who likes to gossip about me, sorry i can''t cover your shift, apparently i''m too busy "dressing like a skank" and "flirting with married men"

to the hillbillies last Saturday who drove around the provo mall smoking people out in your dads diesel trunk you suck! We couldn’t finish our food cause your fumes got into our food. Oh and I’m pregnant so thanks for making me and my baby inhale that nasty stuff! Go back to your farm

You failed the drug follicle test on your own. Don't blame others for your own actions, man up and grow up for your kids

to my S/O, I love you, but you are acting like a donkey's ass. Just staph! I want to poke you in the eye.

to my toddler .. yes I love when you spill your food all over my car , please do it again

dear hit and run girl... my car hates you!

married friends. Stop sending me pictures of your kids sitting on the couch, or high chair etc. I respond saying, "cute." To not hurt your feelings. But I really want to say, "I. Don''t. Care."

work bff when ya stab me in the back once and I forgive you, Stab me twice and peace out. If you''re too stupid to figure out why I ignore you and your calls then I made the right choice. Respect learn it

My hubbies ex .. YOU NEED TO BE A MOTHER AND NOT A FRIEND AND DEADBEAT pay your child support and medical and raise your child . Get your own place and not live with 11 people and 5 pets

stop forcing me to be something I dont want to be. I only became LDS because I felt pressured and didn''t want to upset you stop being a jerk about it. I personally dont care about religion

To my ass-hat neighbor across the street, NO ONE thinks it's cool when you rev your whiney diesel truck at 5 am!

to the B downstairs, ain't nobody wants you here not even the landlord. You're bat shiz CRAZY, inconsiderate, and refuse to accept responsibility. Get out.

Motorcycles cutting between lanes is not only annoying but incredibly unsafe. Drive safe a holes

Dear CEO, don''t lecture all of your staff about being on their phones and then proceed to be on your phone the entire staff meeting and make people repeat because you weren''t paying attention!

U 2faced beast. Talk crap 2 my BFF bout how horrible I am & tell me she's the b!tch. We see u, we BOTH see u. Ur not foolin any1.

I get it, you are in a new position and want to feel that you''re being relevant. Please, please, please, we don''t need meetings two times a day for status reports that could be done through email! Won''t be any new status to give you if you''re always in meetings.

What's the point of me taking time and researching activities and putting together an activity calendar if no one's going to follow it?

started a new job a few weeks ago and I HAVE NOT been trained on anything!!! Also, roommates who don''t clean up after themselves!!! 

mom, you're visiting and trying to help me and I AM grateful! But please respect my boundaries and stay out of my room!

to my husband. I am sooo tired of your emotional reaction to everything. It''s embarrassing and ridiculous. I''m nervous when real problems pop up youwill not be the supporter I need and deserve. I''m exhausted and need a break from the roller coaster of emotions. Keep sleeping downstairs and leave me the crap alone. I''ll continue to juggle work, home, kids, etc cuz you''re incapable

My boss hardly ever actually works and just dishes his projects off on me! Actually do your job and maybe people will want to work for you!!

Office manager you couldnt cover a shift when I needed an emergency surgery. but you leave 2 wks to see you your grandbaby.

do NOT try and talk to me if I have my headphones in, I have them in for a reason

Thank you for sleeping with my man when I was on vacation awesome best friend you are!!!

stop clipping your nails in public. I don't want to be hit with your gross nail shards!

lady I'm the red Hyundai that was just on the 201 east, your driving sucks ass

Hey dumb A crossing the road. I don't expect you to run, but put a little giddy up in your step huh?

STOP leaving your vehicle at the gas pump while you go get coffee and whatever else. Fill up and move your vehicle so someone else can use the pump!

To the parents of the 10 crazy, loud, noisy, children that are playing and screaming outside my daughter''s window until 10pm every night. Just because you don''t care enough about your child''s education or future to get them in bed at a decent hour doesn''t mean my children should have to suffer. My child goes to bed at 7 or 7:30 because i care about her education!

Matthew. Stop keeping all the clothes I send my daughter in but then turn around and tell me the clothes are garbage. If they were you wouldn''t keepthem. #youreadouchecanoe

Hey professor, before you accuse us of cheating, maybe you should take down your exam solutions until after the exam. Just sayin

Management takes FOREVER to make decisions and has been keeping me on the fence for a promotion for weeks -- Make up your mind Greg!

When my x mother in law tells me to stop telling people her son cheated on me because he is honest just like his father. I really want to look at her and say. How did you get genital warts again?

Tell me again that I am only successful because I am attractive. I work my ass off every day, give it a try

just bc we broke up doesn't mean you have to be an ass. It's been 9 mos. get over it. You hurt me long before I snapped and hurt you.

Dear "friend". At least try to pretend you don't only call me when you want adderall. PS. I'm still not giving you any, so give it up already!

WE bought U out so quit acting like u r the sh** bc u don't know jack Oh & the 80s called & want their blue crop leather jacket & their hair back

hey Liza. You''re 31. Grow up and stop telling people I kicked you off my wedding line for stupid reasons. You disrespected my fianc and told him to F off cause he asked you to stop calling his sisters bitches. Seriously. Grow up.

I have a photo of my Amazon package on your porch yesterday. Do the right thing and place it on my porch today.

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