TEXT TOPIC: Does your spouse tell you big news last?

got pregnant and my husband found out from social media

my husband always tells his best friend Everything 1st. Found out about his promotion 1st his car accident 1st before I did

sometimes, not all the time I let my Ex Wife know about stuff before I tell my Wife.

My husband shares his news with WHOLE FAMILY and months will go by. Someone will say something and I'm like Waaaat?!

I tell everyone before my husband. I'd love to tell him first, but he NEVER gets excited about anything. Ruins the news. I hate it!

Occasionally I will share my good news with my mom or two of my friends that we are constantly in a group chat before my wife knows...

My husband is always the last to know last time I was pregnant I texted my sister and my mom before I texted him LOL

My ex Always called his mom first, she usually knew what was going on in our life before I did. Sometimes his mom would do the pop in and slip about something my ex had talked to her about it before we had.

hubby is last to know EVERYTHING. Mom is first then sister then work girls. If hubby showed more interest in our family. Maybe he would be first. Haha

My brother and I are very close and I share everything with him and cuz I''m a paramedic he hears most of my tragic stories that I don''t wanna trouble my wife with. We''ve fought a lot cuz of it.

I told my best friend that I was pregnant before telling my husband...my best friend is my husbands cousin..

I''m always the last to know with my boyfriend. I usually hear it from a friend or over hear him talking on the phone but he basically doesn’t tell me anything even though we live together.

my husband tells his parents about job offers and stuff before telling me! I'm not a fan of it.

my sister knows everything before my husband. All four of my pregnancies, work raises, etc. she's my best friend and we talk everyday

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