TEXT TOPIC: Do you know someone who gifts with strings attached?

My father in law gives people and his family gifts and expects them to do work or come at the drop of a dime. He did this to my sister in law. He gave them a vacuum and said oh you guys are going to come do "x" for us because we gave you that vacuum. This happens over and over. We eventually just returned everything they gave us

My old boss was very wealthy and would offer his daughters and daughter in laws to pay for their boob jobs on one condition... he got to see them after.

girl says I’m her BFF, =D, the 2 times she''s done anything 4 me she adds it to a tab of how I now owe her. Not bffs.

my husband will give me a wonderful full body massage and even rub my feet "If he massages me I know that he wants some lovin

Mother-in-law said that if we got married in the temple she would make our wedding cake. Did we marry in the temple, no...did we have a wedding cake, well yes!

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