TEXT TOPIC: Did you go to school with someone famous in their industry?

I went to school with Allison Holker. Amazing dancer. Married to Twitch now.

went to school with Louis Tomlinson from One Direction. He was nice in School but since he has become famous he is a tool!

went school w/Brent Brown who had a band Roadwork & opened for ZZ top & also Brent Brown Toyota. Also Dave Neelman founder of Jet Blue! Brighton 1977!

went to school with Lucky Smith. He''s a famous model I''ve known him since elementary. I used to get made fun of for having a crush on him in gradeschool because he had really long hair

went to Jr high and high school with Tony Finau (pro golfer)

went to Jr High with Belinda Carlisle of the GoGo's

went to high school with lieutenant governor Spencer Cox. And the osmonds second generation including David osmond and Justin Osmond and also Junior Ioane foot ball player from the raiders

Jordan devey plays for chiefs, played for New England I played baseball with him In jr high

my brother went to school & played football w/the Dyson brothers. Sister went with Fallon Weekes (Panic @ the Disco)

my mother in law went to school and dated Ed Catmull from Pixar.

A dear friend of mine and fellow class Presidency Lisa Chastain. She wrote a book that is grown into something big. Her book is so good and informative. Title: Girl get your $hiz together

went to high school with a girl named Brittany Murphy who was drafted into the WNBA

my friend in school (CA) played for the SF Giants, Noah Lowry, left handed pitcher.

went to high school with Kerry Gibson, He is a local politician that ran in his district and moved up in the political ladder from there.

went to school with Tyler Kirkham comic book artist for DC

I know Dave Sparks and my wife dated Dave Kiley, Heavy D and Deisel Dave from Deisel brothers.

went to school with Chelsea high tower from dancing with the stars and so you think you can dance. She was very popular and seemed niceĀ 

Went to school with Whitney Wolfe at Judge. Co-founder of tinder and founder of Bumble

have gone to school with Lala Kent from vanderpump rules since kindergarten. Friends 22 years now. Bridesmaid in my wedding

went to high school with Emily Florez from the news

had the privilege of going to school with some of the amazing Royal Bliss guys!

went to high school with a girl who is now instagram famous. @Globetrotting_ginger

went to school with Janica Southwick she's a famous model & actress in Japan. She has a talk show. She was the coolest chick

knew and went to school with Lindsey Sterling, grade or 2 younger than me. Mesquite High in Az.

went to school with Luis Silva he plays for the RSL team

went to junior high school with Elizabeth smart and Stanley havili ex nfl player

went to school with AJ llamas @ lake Havasu High, he''s Lorenzo llamas''s son. He was always very humble and sweet and never had anything to do with his dad throughout school then once he graduated move to LA and became just like his dad and now he''s an actor.

Went to school with Bart Johnson who is the Dad/Coach in High School Musical. We were in band together. Really nice guy.

was a sophomore when Juilianna Hough was a Senior at Alta High. She was really nice in high school. Was always jealous she didnt look like a troll after aerobics class

went to school with Olyesia Rulin. She is Kelsey from High School Musical

went to school with Jeff Dixon screenwriter, his latest big one, "Hurricane heist" out last yr

went to school, elementary to high school with Tiffany justice from 2 news

Went to school with hefa tuita. Back up dancer for usher, and other big names. Coolest guy you'll ever meet

Went to school with Josh Duhamel

went to Elem, Jr High and HS with Carlos Sanches, he is a recording mixer in Hollywood. Music movies and TV. He has won a Grammy. Super nice guy.

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