TEXT TOPIC: Did you accidentally throw something of value away?

cracked my screen protector and threw it away. When I went to warrantee it I didn’t realize that you have to send the old one in, in order to get the new one free. $60 later...ugh.

My cousin was moving and had 2 bags of clothes, one to move one to go to DI. Friend mixed up the bags and took the keep bag to DI, including her $800 dress

Threw my wedding ring away. After searching for a week I got the impression to check the garbage. Found it. Next day was garbage day

donated a princess diana limited edition beanie baby to the di. Then like a week later found out how much it was worth.

had my wedding dress in a large garbage sack so that I could take its to dry cleaners and have it boxed/framed. It got thrown away mistaken for trash

my mom ended up throwing away round trip plane tickets. My dad went looking for them one day and she said oh... I think I might have thrown those away

threw away my car key!

years ago my daughter got money for her birthday inside her birthday cards and she threw the cards on the garbage but didn't took the money out.

I'm 90% sure my 2 yr old threw away my wedding ring while I was in the shower. Worth 8k, that's would've been handy post divorce

my wedding ring has been missing since last June. It was either in the couch we donated to DI or my toddler threw it away. I'm devastated.

threw out a box of stuff from my old boyfriend. realized a couple days later that the diamond necklace he gave me was in that box.

accidentally threw my wedding ring away.

we were moving from Hawaii to Utah. I was throwing away stuff and accidentally threw my bmw fob in the dumpster. By the time I realized they had just picked it up. $350 mistake

threw away lottery tickets thinking they were old ones. Worth 300 bucks. Needless to say had to pay hubs.

my mom got back tax refund and put it up. Last threw it away garbage came that day 5000 gone

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