TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

I want to say thank you to my guardian angel. Almost got hit by a car at a school zone yesterday. Be safe driving!

Very thankful for my wife who recently got a good paying job but at the cost of waking up at 6 in the morning. We're Trying to get out of debt

Thank you to my new boss. For giving me this job, you have no idea what you''ve done for me. You are an amazing person and the best boss I''ve ever had! Keep being the greatness that is you!

want to say thank you to my amazing Boyfriend Marcus! He''s so kind, understanding and patient with me. And he has shown me that I could find love again after going through a terrible separation with my ex.

thank you too my mom!! I''m a single mother and She has babysat my children while I work full-time and full time nursing school. I graduate Wednesday all because of her

I am so thankful for my boyfriend. He's been so supportive through my custody battle and so patient while I've been working through past abuse trauma.

I am thankful for my dad who works 3 jobs for my mom who is finishing Nursing school so she doesn't have to work

Huge thank you to my kids. They have no idea how they save my life every single day. I''ve thought of giving my life but the thought of leaving my kids terrifies me. True definition of my hero''s.

huge thanks to all you guys in the studio. Been listening to you guys since I came to America from Venezuela! It''s been 10 years now! Really light up the day fellas and can''t get enough!

thankful for my boyfriend for tenaciously chasing our mutual dream of owning a boat! He buys me a boat instead of diamonds

thankful to my bosses who are helping me realize my dream and just moved me into a new position where I can do what I have always wanted

I'd like to Thank my boyfriend Noah. I wouldn't be the person I am today with out him. I was in a bad place mentally. He's helped me out a lot

My thankful Thursday is reuniting with my daughter after 9 years!!!! It was absolutely amazing and my heart is so full.

My husband. I''ve been struggling mentally for the last year and a half real bad gain 30 pounds not even remotely Hugh are used to be when my husband has been nothing but kind and caring and loving and my best friend and I am on the mend

I wanna say thank you to my husband for asking me to marry him ten years ago today! Easiest best ten years of my life.

I want to thank my ex wife. After a critical incident at work she''s been a solid support both for me and my kids. Amazing woman,mother and friend.

want to say thank you to my fianc and for all that he''s done for me and my daughter. Between being laid off from work and issues with my daughters health he has been amazing.

I want to thank my wife for supporting my decision to become a police officer. Best wife ever!!

wanna thank my boyfriend for being by my side and supporting me while my dad has been deployed

wanna thank my sister Cesia for being my best friend and motivator. I always had a hard time making friends, thank God my mom gave me sisters close in age

thank you to myself!! Being a mom you always put yourself last. After 7 years of being a mom I''m finally realizing it''s ok to treat and take care of myself 

thanks to lone Peak vet for taking care of my cat and being so kind and empathetic when I had to put her down today

I am thankful for our first baby that will be here in August and my amazing wife carrying our child. She has struggled but she stays strong. Thank you.

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