TEXT TOPIC: How did you accidently hurt your kid?

accidentally dropped a cast iron pan on my son's head when he was a baby

trying to teach my daughter she can’t stand up in the cart, I jerked it to scare her. She about fell out and onto the hard floor. She hurt her side. I learned not the best way to teach

my husband was throwing our daughters on the bed after their bath. Our 2 yr old landed with her arm behind her back breaking her arm below the elbow. He made me take her to the ER, he thought they would turn him in for child abuse

when my daughter was too I was playing And pulling her on the carpet from one bedroom to the next by her arms when I pulled her arm clean out of the socket.

holding onto my sons wrists and spinning him. His elbow popped out called "nurse maids elbow" went to the ER apparently super common.

I was carrying my daughter into preschool and I fell, totally landed right on top of her and squished her. We both cried and laughed all at the same time. Sorry girl!

shut my 1 year old fingers in the car door. She wanted something in the car and put her hand out. Her fingers were bleeding. Thought it was going to be really bad, but didn''t need stitches and later was fine

fell down some concrete stairs! We both ended up getting concussions but I felt so horrible about it.

my mom ran over my foot when I was in 2nd grade.

thought I was a cool mom nursing and cooking at the same time. Burned my son's foot on the pot. Nothing major at all but I felt like the worst mom

When I was 4 we were sledding and my dad rolled off the sled and broke my arm

I was cuttin carrots, my 3yo stuck his hand up 2 grab 1 & I cut the tip of this finger almost all way off. He got stitches, we didn't have carrots.

I was holding him and he threw himself backwards thinking I would swing him up like my sister does. Lost my grip, and dropped him head first

Practically dropped kicked as a baby I squirmed out of my dads arms and he tried to break my fall with my foot. Slid across the tile to the far wall

when I was a kid I told my Dad to shut up and he spanked me. I put my hand back there and he ended up breaking my thumb. He never spanked me again

I fell down some stairs on my bum with my 4 week old baby the land broke his leg. But I held him up the rest of the way down. I was uninjured.

I was running with my 9 month old not strapped in umbrella stroller hit s crack in sidewalk he flew out broken arm.

I've bonked my kids heads trying to get them in and out of the car more times that I can count. Oops

my son was jumping over the dog, without thinking I called the dog while my son was mid air over him. Dog got up sweeping my son''s feet from under him. My son face plants on the hard wood floor. He was about 4 years old at the time.

when my daughter was 3 I was carrying her and tripped up the stairs and knocked her front teeth on the wood steps. they turned grey! I felt awful

reading my son a story on the floor while he was sitting in my lap. He fell and I reached for him and dislocated his elbow

Birthdays we do the spanking machine. Son was crawling through our legs and I fell full weight right on him! Lol! Laughing so hard I couldn't get up!

Tripped on the patio stairs with my 2 year old and popped out his ribs. Didn''t know it until the next day. Took him to a chiropractor friend because I was terrified of DCFS being called. Total accident.

this past weekend, co-workers husband was wrestling with son. Son passed out from wrestling, fell, hit head needed stitches

staying @ cabin with low ceilings I had just yelled at my mom in law for not properly holding our 8 mo old then I took him out of high chair cutting his head on ceiling fan

hubs dancing with 2yo swinging her around and dislocated her elbow. For 2 years it popped out super easy after

last spring jumping on the tramp with my 3 year old and I broke his tibia!

dropped my daughter when she was under 6 months in a parking lot and broke her collar bone and she got huge bump on her head

my mom accidentally poured boiling water on my head when I was 5. Right eyebrow still grows weird haha

my ex left the gate open and my 15 month old fell six feet off the side of the stairs (there was no railing) straight to tile. Had to be life flighted to primary''s and everything.

my son was about 4 or 5 months and i was feeding him in my bed i fell asleep and he rolled off the bed and fell to the floor & hit his face

was playfully tossing my daughter onto her bed and missed the bed. Her head hit the frame and it knocked her unconscious. I thought I had killed her. It scared the crap out of me

accidentally rolled up my child''s head in our automatic car window. We were stopped on a road trip and I couldn''t figure out what that sound was and realized it was my son choking and coughing with his head/ neck being rolled up in the window. Makes me sick and sad to even think about i

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