TEXT TOPIC: Why did you get a call from your kid's school?

Child doing great w/ grades, needs to be kind to others, asked child about it, she said they are dumb & need to know, so they can fix it.Smh

It was my mom that had to come to the school for me. Mybrothersgirlfriendsexboyfriendbullied my brother really bad for months. My brotherwouldn''t do anything to stand up for himself and the schoolwouldn''t do anything, so me and a locker took care of that. His mom was a teacher anddidn''t like that a girl beat up her son

It was weekly calls from mysonselementary school. Teacher hated how he would chew on his pencil was the most ridiculous call, but the best one was when they had mini corn dogs for lunch and him was walking around the cafeteria pretending it was "his mini corn dog" he was 6 years old at the time.Istrugglednot to laugh trying to reprimand him that time.

choolcalled and said my son sneezed on his clothes and needed to change. When I gottherehe was covered in a spray of blood.

call from my second graders school that he had gotten introubleso he decided to just run home. He just took off. They had to call the cops tolookforhim.

 My eight-year-old daughter told her German immersion teacher that what she was teaching was dumb and boring and she was refusing to participate

kid peed on hisclothsand shoes. Then threw extra pair in the toilet. School called me so I would take more shoes.

my son was getting paid to do others math homework couldn't really be mad at himcuzhe wasn't the one paying someone else to do his homework

so yesterday my wife got a call from my son's school because he POOPED on the bathroom floor. He is in the 1st grade. Jake

ourfriendskids glued his hand to his face! He was inbugtrouble and his parents just laughed at the mad teachers lol

I got a call from mysonsschool because he was barking at his

My eight-year-old daughter told her German immersion teacher that what she was teaching was dumb and boring and she was refusing to participate

 I got called to the school on mydaughter''sfirst day for punching a boy in the nose because he pushed her. He ended up getting a bloody nose andshe''sonly in kindergarten! I''vegot one tough cookie

My dad got called because my brother had bought an explosive device at school. He bought one firecracker from a student.

when my son was in 7th grade he & his friends were exceptionally rowdy after lunch. His teachersaid"You are so hyper, what did you eat?!" My son''sreflexanswer was "Your mom!

Mydaughter''sschooldidn''t call but my daughter did when they had a threat of some coming to shoot up their school. She had left the school andwasscaredto death!

When I was in elementary school about 15 years ago a young kid brought his parents mortgage money that I guess was sitting around and was buying best

schoolcalled,son decided to peep with the other boys in the bathroom under stalls 6yrsold. Suspended. Wow

I received a call home and a white slip for my son, because he would doodle comics, in between his assignments... He completed his work and was supposed to just sit there inforthgrade,

got a call that my teen got dared to snort crushed candy and he did it

during a gender wars assembly my daughter and her friends threw wrapped tampons. She got suspended.

my middle school son was making out on the school lawn next to the teachers' lounge (reflective glass) window andapparentlythey put on quite a show

my son and his buddy were practicing the f word and then my son chucked the bird at the playground I cuss like a sailor but the bird idk? Damn it!

Got a call from my kids school saying my daughter was okay but had been left behind on the field trip to the local trampoline park talked to my daughter and she had gone into the bathroom and the was in there when the bus left I asked her why shedidn''t just walk back to the school it was a coupleofblocksand she was 17 she said that shecouldn''t because they took her shoes

We started our daughter on a medication in 1st grade and it made her a little emotional andlovey.Igot a call that she hadpinnedherfriend to the ground because she wanted a hug really bad and it scared her friend being helddown.Wehad to explain shecan''ttouch people and hold themdown.Fromyour dedicatedlistener,JenHunt''d

I got a call from mykindergartnersteacher saying that she had gotten into his backpack to pull out his homework and found a dead bird. She was traumatized! He found it in the yard and wantedtobringit home to bury it

My daughterkickthe crap out of a boy for slapping her butt. Note she is a black belt in karate. Proud Dad moment.

 My son punched a little girl because he wanted a turn on the tire swing

daughters 1st grade teacher called the wild boy in class cut a chunk of her hair in back just to see what would happen I was furious

Myfirst gradedaughter punched a little boy in the face because he wouldn't leave her alone

Mydaughter''steacher called one day because my daughter told the teacher that she sees ghosts and that someone was trying totakeherto hell

I got a call because my 2 boys took a littlegirlsshoe and was throwing it back and forth while she was trying to get it...boys will be boys, 8:40:43

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18014997002,Zhtmy son in first grade saw his uncles "squirrel tapping" andhethoughtit''dbe funny to do that to hispeers.

my son got dared to throw rocks over the fencethereschool backs up tobangeterhedidntknow and was throwing rocks at cars

Thisisn''t a story of my child, but when I was a senior inhighschool, I convinced the school police officer to call my mom on AprilFoolsDay and tell her I had been caught skipping school and they found alcohol in my car. = Amy

just recently myfour year oldthroat punched another child at daycare/preschool. Needless tosayshe got kicked out, 8:38:49

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18015411558, ZHT I got a call from myson''sschool to tell me he was stuck in his coat & to get permission to cut the coat to get him out.

I got a call from the school asking me to please bring my kindergartner a pair of underwear. I thought oh no he had anaccident?They told me no,heisn''t wearing any and when he went to therestroomhe zipped his little you know what in his zipper andthat''show they found out

I am a nanny and my bossesdon''tflush the toilet until the poo is outside of the water in the bowl, and I have to re-wash theirziplockbags and plastic wear.It''sso obnoxious

Got a call from myson''sKindergarten teacher...hecouldn''t stop sticking his hand down his hand his pants...it''snot what you think...poor guy just wanted "it" pointing UP... sigh...

Not for young ears, but we had to have a first grader call home because he was explaining to kids whatmasternabatingwas

 My3 year oldwas watching her teacher put some lotion on.Mykidsaid "You rubs the lotion on the skin or else you get thehoseagain. PUT THE LOTION IN THE BASKET!!" =1I''ma big Silence oftheLambsfan.She''snever watched it. We just quote it all the time.,

I got a call from myson''sschool because he just started growing hair in places and he would not stop scratching himself so I needed to pick himup.Alsothe time hecouldn''t stop passing gas.

my son was in kindergarten I got a call from the principal that he pulled a toy gun out of his backpack and started play shooting with it. Hemeantnoharm by it, just wanted to bring a toy. I checked his backpack before he left the house because he was known to sneak toys to school and come tofindouthe put it in a lunch bag and put that in his backpack. This was 15 years ago, so not as scary as things are today. But the principal informed meshehadto throw it away.

got the call because my son touched agirlsbutt. All because of Nemo... the butt.

My daughters in 3rd grade - I got a call for her twerkingontheplayground

my4 year oldson''sschool called because he decided to have a fit at school over not wanting to go play outside. He decided to pull all the toys off the shelves and throw themevery where. The school made him clean it all up by himself. It took him a couple of hours to do.

I got a call that my 3rd grader had taken a butter knife to school and decided he would threaten the kid governing the water fountain that he was going to kill him with that butter knife if hedidn''t let him get more time at the fountain. He ended up getting suspended for two weeks.9 year oldhere!

I got a call from the principal when my son decided to pull his pants down and show his butt to everyone in the lunch room =D needless to say he was grounded.

My 10yrold who loves outdoors accidentally left his pocket knife in his backpack. The school called us. He got suspended for 5 days.ThanksalotNorthPark in Roy

 My 2nd grader girl... chased a boy screaming at him around the classroom and bit him.SoI got a call.

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