TEXT TOPIC: Who is the person in the family that acts like a big shot?

my bro in law calls everytime he gets a tax return or a raise or sells a house and alwayshas topay for dinner when they visit or hotels when we vacay

out of my siblings and I, I am the only one who has a constant good job.Sowhen I post pictures of vacations on FB, they say I'm showing off

my brother. his clothing brand has sold in 3 different countries and 11 states. he walks around like the owner ofgucci

my sis has an interesting job and gets to travel to cool places for work. She acts so fancy and so cultured. She's a peasant just like the rest of us.

My bro got into Mormon Tabernacle choirayrago. He brags everytime he makes it on tv & sings ALL THE TIME

bro in law claims that a vehicle with 20k miles is wore out he gets a new one every year, he asked me to work for him but found out I make more thanhe can afford haha

really wish traffic would be part of the IHeart radio app, I don't have regular radio in my car, it's broken

It's my sister! She has perfect grades, perfect job, perfect marriage. What she is not telling people is that her husband's parents have been paying for everything for her......

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