TEXT TOPIC: It's Passive Agressive Tuesday! What is your PA text?

2 the Asshat in Magna. Get off ur phone, keep an eye on ur kid & teach her personal space. No 1 wants ur dirty kid hovering over their new baby.

To all of you in the school line who think it''s okay to stop and sit in the line, learn how to PARK IN THE LOT until your kid is ready to walk in! Don''t hold us up every day! Some of us have places to be!

hey neighbors get rid of the weeds in your yard! Busting my butt to keep a nice yard, but that can''t happen when the wind blows your weeds over here constantly

people when everyone pulls over for an emergency vehicle, let the people in front of you pull back onto the roadway. And don’t throw your arms up at me cause I followed the law and pulled over and then got back into the lane after they passed

to the doctor I saw yesterday. Thx for making me wait over an hour in your waiting room just for you to tell me that my elbow pain was no big deal and to stop using it. Can''t do that when I need my arm for work. Won''t be seeing you again.

If you've been sitting at a stop sign, and then I show up and sit at my stop sign, that means you can GO! It's called a 4 way stop people!

I would like to tell my boss to keep my name out of your damn mouth.

don''t be so angry when I classify boxing more of sport then football when you talk crap about my sport when I do nothing about it. Its just my opinion. Stop being a snowflake

Don't tell me my son looks better w/his hair cut.He was cute w/his long curls. He's cute&looks older w/it cut, but not better, just a different kinda cute

The 3rd lane at intersections are for people turning into businesses not so you can speed and cut everyone off.. A-hole (12th & Wall - Ogden is the worst)

get it together! You are all adults!

hey U of U construction crew, remember when you said you'd be done with the construction in September? #yousuck #stopblockingtheroads

To my roommate, could you please just ask if you want to eat something of mine - I''ll most likely say yes. If not, I''ll charge you more in "utilities" per month.

Why must you act like a toddler because I don't want to settle for a crappy J.O.B. I contribute financially.

Rian from Ventura why am I crying myself asleep wondering if this was my all my fault and the only one with the breaking heart

Don't treat me like I'm a crappy mother or lousy wife. You hate that much leave! I'm tried.

You unblocked me. You started the conversation. You went from wanting to be friends to more and back again. I shouldn''t feel bad for making a decision for my mental health

Stop being lazy parents-get your kids off the screens and video games and put them in some actual team sports where they can learn social skills and get energy out!

not sure why they moved you up to management you''ve been here 4 months, with no experience and you have no idea what you''re doing. You''re nothing but an errand boy, get off your high horse and stop gossiping upfront about everyone.

We wouldn't owe so much money to the IRS if you would have gotten off your lazy ass and gotten a paying job so I didn't have to be a 1099 employee

I gladly own every ounce of our divorce!!! You not divulging your parts in this does not change the truth!!!

When you post an add on ksl be AVAILABLE when ppl try to get a hold of you-oh & then don't go & sell it out from under me C'mon!! Sketchy B!

congrats on the controlling downgrade gf!! Can''t even hang out w/ friends. I hope you find your balls someday soon

9 years of dating, I'm done trying to marry you. Your excuses are ridiculous. I invested too much time for nothing

tomorrow is administrative professional day-please acknowledge your assistant, even with a ''thank you''. It''s better than just ignoring them like you did last year.

hey dude I'm tired of asking you come see your daughter more often not once a week you live 15 minute away from her you're not a dad your just a sperm

Hey lady getting dcfs called on u doesnt mean a free vacation from ur kid. U can see him anytime & should work on fixing ur mess. Luv ur tired sis

Teenagers at my work please learn how to do your job. It seriously isn''t hard at all. Putting ingredients in a blender and then pouring it in a cup is hard to screw up and yet you do frequently. Get it together.

it felt good to strut past you with my new boyfriend, you look like a beaten puppy and I'm living my best life without you!

Quit treating ur inside candidates different from outside. Honestly inside should have a leg up. Quit giving me the runaround and give me the job!

keep our names out of your mouth, Katie, you talk crap about things you know nothing about

thanks to my 4 hair cut clients yesterday who tipped me one dollar each

Dont get mad at me when you fail to set up a visit with your kids and say I ruined YOUR day! First of all its my girls birthday and not YOUR day! Where were you for there last 4 birthday''s?! Grow up and quit blaming me for your issues for being a crappy "dad"

Quit using generic terms when talking about millenials - Some of us are hard working dedicated people that actually contribute to society

every time we hear you talk it sounds like you need to spit your gum out or clip your tongue or goto a speech therapist. We can't stand it!!

dear snobby soccer moms why u so shock seeing a women in her work uniform...yeah women work too dont have time to get off work go home get pretty up and pick my kids up! Stick your nose up elsewhere

how do you expect to get your kid back living In a tent.doing drugs. Real nice

you want me to bring my dog inside during the day every time it barks that's ridiculous. Get a life.

to the moron who thinks his car is gold selling it to 2k over the market value is an idiot

if you fill out an application and set an interview time answer your damn phone when I call at the time you requested

you're a terrible boss and you're a terrible mother stop growing illegal things in your house Full of kids. Grow up and get it together!

You sold me your car and then it broke down and you won''t help pay for it & even though I''m a newlywed. Thanks dad

so tired of hearing about how crappy and lazy your husband is. If you aren't going to do something about it and leave his ass, shut up!

to my ex Who thinks that she is the perfect mom, there's a reason why you don't have your kids. Get off your damn high horse!

hubby u work always. Never home ur fam reaps the rewards of that hard work yet we can't even afford to get our yard done?! BS

Hey Ahat your kids should be more important than your girlfriend, so get your act together cause those kids deserve a dad!

When you are trying to sell something on face Facebook and say it''s brand new make sure it works instead of selling something broken and when I try it when I get home and it doesn''t work I message you and you block me that''s just scandalous you know who you are!!

don't come to urgent care 10 min before closing for ur elbow pain you've had for 3 months. That's NOT URGENT!

Just Bcuz you''re an idiot & don''t understand how your bill works and can''t manage your money @28 doesn''t mean you can yell at me then think I''ll carewhen you cancel your account.

to the little boys at work no one cares about everything you eat. We're not in JR high

guy at work, it isn't okay to come up from behind & grab my sides. I've made it clear I don't like it. Next time I'm gonna stab your hand with my scissors!

Draper is always slow. Passive aggressive me for the day: Draper Escalade Moms- GET OFF YA DAMN PHONES.

Passive aggressive. Thanks for only hitting me up to supply the fun for your party but no invite. You make me feel so used!

sometime when I drive Uber and lyft people don't tip especially when it's a long trip

really Maureen Walsh nurses playing cards for 12 hours I don't think so I didn't get lunch yesterday and I Peed one time in 13 hours I worked my butt off

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