TEXT TOPIC: Adult Topic-Is your spouse pushing something in the bedroom?

Is your spouse pushing something in the bedroom?

Going in through the back door. FYI it's painful for us women! Causes prolapse & surgery to repair later down the road. Not the greatest fetish to satisfy.

my husband wants to watch me having sex with someone else, not into it and constantly bringing up having sex with another couple involved. He has already had an affair is that not enough?!

My wife doesn't like to give bj's and it's my favorite thing. When she's tried its equivalent to a toilet paper tube.

I am 5 months pregnant and I want to have sex and he says no. Is it because he doesn’t want my bump to be front and center of his face

I’m the one who is pushing my husband to try new things. I like the foreplay; he does not. He hates when I try to mess around before hand and I think it makes him a little uncomfortable.

Ex husband was constantly pushing to try swinging and hot wifing...No thank you, not for me.

it's me, I'm the pusher. I push for more sex and he shuts down. A girl has needs!

me, the wife, likes to be tied up, slapped, choked, talked dirty to, introduce another women into the mix, etc, but my husband isn’t down with it. He’s in law Enforcement and feels that stuff like that is more abuse than fun. I’m a little sad, but I understand where he’s coming from.

My hubby and I just got back into the swing of things after a drought in the bedroom. Only thing is that he wants a marathon every time, how about a quickie every once in a while. Paleeeaasseee!!!!

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