TEXT TOPIC: You thinking about moving in together?

My bf and I fought moving in with each other cause of jumping into things too quick in the past. 6 months in The universe forced us together to move in which we wanted as a temp solution due to financial hardship. 13 years later We are still together. No legal paper but we are definitely married.

Moved in w/ my bf after 2 years dating. It's been 2 years, & best decision ever. It forced us to work thru some issues. Getting married next month

Boyfriend 27, me 24. It's been great but we had our first big fights after moving in. It was so hard at first. Now everything is so great and I'm so glad we

Moved with my husband after two weeks of meeting him due to some events that had occurred at the time and five years later were still going strong

We moved in after 6 mo but 2 yrs later we moved separately. Still together 5yrs.

My bf & I moved in together a year & a half ago. It's been rough, his kids have some major emotional issues and it's affecting us as a couple and my kids hate having them around. Hardest thing I've ever gone thru. Gotta get out.

Boyfriend of 1.5 yrs is ready to move in together, but I''m not. When I say that I'm not ready he talks about breaking up because he says if we aren't progressing then what are we doing? He wants to play house, but I've lived with someone before and I know the consequences. I don''t want to break up but I''m not ready for this step

Bf&I moved in together 3mo ago & there have been challenges but you have to pick your battles I''m so happy to come home to him everyday we were together 3 years before we decided. Make sure you know a person bc you really get to KNOW a person

I’ve been a single mom for 7 years. I've been dating this amazing man for 1 year, he loves us very much and we decided to move in, my concern is my kids, not that they will be treated badly but that they won’t know how to see me with someone everyday, they've never seen that

My boyfriend and I just hit one year and moved in together over the weekend. No argument with the moving so this has to be a good sign. Best decision ever!

Moving in with my man was a huge step, took a little getting used to, but was one of the greatest things we did. Learned so much about each other and grew closer. Moved in after 2 years of being together, got married 4 years later.

My wife and I moved in together after knowing each other for two months and got married the next month. Since our first date we've spent 4 nights apart

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