TEXT TOPIC: Don't wear your wedding ring?

My husband hasnt worn his ring in over a year. He was angry at me and decided to openly flirt with other girls without his ring on now.

My ring isn't insured, so at first I was nervous of ruining it. Now it's just habit I don't wear it. When I put it on it feels like a special occasion

Neither of us do. #TooChubby

Married 9 years I don't wear a wedding ring and haven't since the 1st year. I needed to get it sized and fixed after it broke and to have never done it

I wear my ring loud and proud. The rare occasion I do go out with the ladies, I wear my ring. I actually get hit on more. I think guy find it more

My ring was painful to wear. My wife always wears hers. I didn't wear rings after I got married until silicon rings became a thing.

I was a bartender for many years and was the girl who wouldn''t wear my wedding ring for that reason. I felt bad and would sometimes wear my ring to work. But it was a night and day difference on how much I''d make in tips

Relationship at that point. He was also working security and when I move to that position all of a sudden he didn't have any more shifts

I worked For a bar as a VIP hostess and my manager started asking me to take out the clients that purchased bottle service and I was in a long term

I’ve been married 4 21yrs,& 4 the last couple of yrs I stopped wearing my ring,reason is that my husband is verbally abusive & I told him that I wanna be proud of the person I married, but I can''t when am being called names cuz of his insecurities

My husband and I don''t ever wear our wedding ring, we been married for 2years. We both don''t like jewelry at all like at all but if he ever goes outwith friends to bar or games or anywhere he wears it , same with me if I go out with friends I wear mine.

I can't golf with my ring on. Throughout the summer my ring is in my golf bag because I forget it in there. My wife jokes about it but I'm worried it

My husband won''t wear his ring. He says it leaves an indent in his finger which bothers him. I find it sketchy and have mentioned it bothers me he just won''t wear it. I even went and bought him one of those rubber ones to try but he won''t wear that either.

He used to not wear it because it was bad for his job but when he moved into the office it didn't change, he was cheating and now divorced

I almost never wear my wedding ring to work. I work in an office. I am mostly just too lazy.

Me and me ex husband actually divorced because he liked to cheat and play single and never wore his wedding ring. He liked knowing women liked him.

I went three months without wearing mine because I accidentally threw my original away. When it happened husband was very understanding. The week wegot the replacement back had a huge fight where husband blew up about it.

My wife never wears her wedding ring. She got a tattoo on her ring finger with her ex and says "that's good enough". No, it's not.

My husband of 28 years hasn''t worn his wedding ring since our wedding day. This has really bothered me & I''ve told him that. He said he couldn''t wear it because of work but he''s not at work 24/7. Makes me feel like he wants to just appear single, it hurts...I stopped wearing mine 2 make a point but it felt too weird & it''s back on.

Flip side, Before I met my husband, he used to wear a fake wedding ring to the bar because it would get him laid 10 times easier lol

my husband stopped wearing his wedding ring shortly after we were married. I would find it left in weird places like the car. Then he told me later that he lost it. Two years later, just last week, I found it in his nightstand drawer.

my hubs took it off & lost it while playin hand drums. I bought a new 1 after he got a friendly w/girl @ work. He still refuses 2 wear it.

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