TEXT TOPIC: Do you have something good going on in your life?

Good news my boyfriend and I bought a boat this weekend! Summer here we come!!

Got a new corgi puppy!!! AHHHHHHH

My boyfriend has 4 weeks left of school then he graduates and moves onto his master.

My water heater went out but I'm not worried about how to pay for it

I'm pregnant, we have 2 girls and found out in Friday that we are having a boy! So excited!

Bought a new Denali duramax (my dream truck) going to get a lift wheels and tires friday

Gained a sister in law on Friday!

I love you guys. I got a new car this last weekend. So much fun to drive

Its infertile Awareness week!! Love spreading awareness and bringing attention to the cause since it hit my hubs and I HARD

Pregnant. 4th for me. First for my husband. So excited he's gonna be a great dad

My husband and I are back together after a year and a half break up

I just put in for the manager position at work, I have an interview this week!

My boyfriend has he's appointment for top surgery scheduled .. so exited for him to be closer to the man he wants to be

My sister got a new job and I'm super pumped for her because she hated working at hobby lobby. Also we are getting brand new puppies in June and I just went

My first prenatal appointment is this week and we will hopefully hear the heartbeat

Going to have our first baby!!!

Over the weekend went to FanX it was awesome got to meet a few celebs. Cosplayed as a Klingon.

Getting married this week!

Amazing best blessed day ever saw my friend and her husband baptised at PG church and another friend Tony was supposed to be baptized at Orem churchthis morning bit forgot clothes so he did at night service tonight SO I was blessed got to see 3 baptisms today! And MY SIS who I never rarely see! GODis amazing!

I'm going to be a homeowner! I put an offer on a home in Sandy and it was accepted! We close next month. No more throwing away money with rent.

I got to meet Kylie at palm beach tan!

I start my new job today. -Kristen McNeice

My 11 year old son has been in Hawaii and he comes home tomorrow. He was there over his birthday and Easter and I can''t wait to see him hug him and give him his Easter and birthday gifts

Been living in my parents basement with wife and 2 children for past 6 months due to rental starting on fire was able to put offer on house and it was accepted

Was awarded temporary full custody of my daughter. It's expected to be permanent by July. Also, my boss is giving me a raise this week

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