TEXT TOPIC: What makes you feel alive???

driving with the Jeep top off!!!!

I love the sound of morning doves cooing. It's so beautiful

Concerts, summer nights with family, bon fires, swimming!

sunrises and sunsets. Last night I couldn't choose whether to watch east or west. The sunset was so pretty, but the moon rising was phenomenal.

Coming home after a long day at work to see my doggies happy to see me

Weekend mornings, especially when it involves pancakes and bacon

Getting up in the middle of the night for no reason and watching my girls sleep.

putting my kids to bed at the end of the night! Stay at home mom, can get down on myself not getting things done during the day. There smile at the end of the night shows me I did something right!

Showing my dogs. Firstly I show Danes so it is physical, but just being there to make them look their best, the competition thrill, plus my boy is so happy he is usually the only one wagging his tail and that makes it even better

late night running, when the air is crisp, the world is quiet. Nothing matter except me and the pavement.

feel alive when I get to be at home with my son being a good home maker and keeping the house nice and clean.

when my husband hugs me coming home from work and picks me up for a big hug

Being outside with the sun on my face makes me feel alive

Camping with my family makes me feel alive. When we are out in nature without all the stress of life. Can't beat that!

I feel alive that I hooked up w/my co-worker.

Going outside in the morning and hearing the birds chirping and the sun shining

Cycling early morning looking at the sunrise listening to u guys

Taking my bra off after a long day

Hugs from my boyfriend make me feel more alive that anything else ever!!!

helping a newborn baby into the world and handing the little wrinkly babe to the new mama!

fishing with my husband

Hiking in the mountains

driving my 66 mustang

When my grandbaby reaches for my hand to hold when we're just hanging out

watching my kids and dog run and play in the yard

my happy place is when it’s just slightly overcast and sprinkling...

watching my boy play baseball under the lights. I live for these days

driving on a warm spring morning with the windows down!

feel alive when i go to the temple and feel that complete peace there's nothing like it

the sound of my son's footsteps in the morning after he's just woken up. I love the pitter patter cuz I know he's coming to get a huge hug from me!

waking up each morning to my son babbiling in the bassinet next to me and when he first sees me he gives me the biggest smile

working out in the yard and feeling the sun on my face! Warms my soul 100%

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