TEXT TOPIC: Who are you thankful for?

I am feeling thankful for my boss who I feel like has been on my side lately. Usually I don’t feel that way!

Thank you to my boyfriend for showing me what it's like to truly be loved and treated right. Best man I know

thankful for you 4, just dropped off bagels at the front desk! Enjoy

I would like to thank my future in laws for helping my fianc and me for helping us move to our new apartment. It was such a pain and to top it off,it was raining. Thank you to the best in laws!

Want to say thank you to my bro & sis in law for making me a first time aunt! Baby girl is perfect in every way & I could not love her more!

thank you to my mom for being such an inspiration! She quit her job after 29 YEARS and started her own business!

Id like to thank Wayne. He took the time to wish my son a Happy Bday on Insta. We met u at Friendsgiving. Cool kid selfie. We love you guys.

thank you Kylie for introducing me to My Fav Murder. It makes my runs fun (if not a little terrifying) thankfully I know not to go in the forest ;) SSDGM!!

I''m thankful to my daughter Zoe Luna, when my wife past away 4 years ago my daughter of 6 pushed me and motivated me. You know that papa does everything for you. We''ll soon see our queen

Thanks to my husband for working so hard for our family. Because of him i get to stay home with my 4 beautiful babes! Definitely the hardest job but i am blessed

I want to say thank you to myself. I''ve never believed I''m good enough, and I''ve finally kicked myself and now realized I am. My life has gotten so much better because of it.. thank you to my village for all the years you''ve told me. I believe you now

thanks to my mom. She''s always been there for me. She even quit her job to move with me at college when I was diagnosed with seizures and they took my license away. She came and drove me around college so I could finish the semester. She''s an angel and my rock.

I''ve text a couple times to say thank you to him and told him as well, but I love to thank my hubby publicly so everyone can hear how much I appreciate him. He is always there for me when I need him, especially with school and work, our kids and our 2 year old. He supports me in everything I do. Love you Jeff/Honey Bear!

Thank you to my parents for teaching me how to be self-sufficient and know the world is not all butterflies and rainbows and you get what you work for.

I want to say thanks to my cousin Jennifer and my Aunt Pam for taking care of my 90 year old grandma for the last 3 years after her stroke. We couldn''t have done it without you! Love you!

thanks for playing the Max Kellerman ESPN fart story yesterday, it made me smile and laugh all day! I think I need a replay today.

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