TEXT TOPIC: When your spouse embarrassed you at a work party!

My first ex must party at my work. Brought my sister. Within 10 minutes of arriving, she opened a bottle of champagne. The cork shattered the light above

I brought a balloon for my hubbys birthday to a work lunch and he didn't even come in because of it. He doesn't like the attention

ex-gf work xmas party, got her boss drunk, admitted affair w/ sec. She wasn't happy broke up way home

ex came to a lawyer convention. Drank too much falling down, asked acquaintance of mine if she wanted to swim naked with him, passed out at table eating.

my coworkers wife got wasted at the company party, she fell down the stairs, was yelling and being belligerent and was starting fights.

At work function my husband and I are there having drinks my coworker walks up to my husband and asks "how about you take me home tonight instead ofyour husband?" He has a long time committed relations ship with a woman. We are a gay married couple.... my husband just said he had to go to the bathroom and ran! Lol

My husband sent a barbershop quartet to my office on Valentine''s Day. They sung for 20 minutes. I was so embarrassed in front of hundreds of colleagues. So the next year I sent them to his Warehouse to sing to him.

my ex got wasted at my work party and started telling everyone he wanted to have a threesome. One of the many reasons he's an ex.

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