TEXT TOPIC: Who's the complainer in your family?

my hubby complains about EVERYTHING. He never seems to be happy. It''s so hard for us. He needs to go live with the unicorns where things will be perfect! Haha

bro and sis in law always complaining about how world is against them. Can''t believe people say no to them. That babysitter quit on them. That he didn''t get that promotion....

I am the complainer in the family. I hate it...I know nobody likes a complainer...But I don't know how to stop.

Sis complains about EVERYTHING and is a one-upper. Ur sick, she's more sick. Ur tired, she's more tired. Complains about Work, health, people... u name it

My mother is the complainer. She complains about EVERYTHING!

my mom! She complains about EVERYTHING. She’s never happy, everyone is either rude to her or ignoring her and she is the most judgmental and negative person I know. It''s exhausting.

My dad complains about his fav restaurant from the time we get there to the time we leave, everything from the appearance of the server to how the food wasn''t as good as it was last time. So frustrating

I'm the complainer! I don't mean to be and my family calls me out on it all the time so I try to work on it! I'm negative Nancy lol

It''s me =- I always focus on negative. Trying to change that,I hate it!

my sister-in-law is definitely the complainer of the family. Weather, what happened at work, other relatives, Etc it''s like she has an addiction to being upset about something.

my sister is the complainer. She is the worst to go or to eat with. I don't like this place, it's disgusting, it makes me sick. So annoying

my husband but now it is wearing off on me. I keep complaining. My life is great! I need to stop complaining!

my husband complains about work, being sore... ALL THE TIME... other drivers (and he drives like a maniac). But mostly about millennials. I tune him out now. Drives me crazy.

Sis in law. Anything food. Money ( they make 15k more than us). Her new cars. The free stuff she gets. Her brother finally getting married (he''s 34). People not telling her everything in their lives.. exhausting

my dads girlfriend of 14+ years complains all the time about EVERYTHING. Work, other people, the weather and even the new house my dad worked his butt off to flip. He works a full time job and was trying to renovate a whole house and all she can say is how bad it is. SO ANNOYING

my sister is a nanny for two little girls. Always complaining. They can''t do this they don''t do that Mom doesn''t do this blah blahblah. You have a license for massage therapy... Use it!

my brother in law is the complainer! Always whining about how life isn't fair, including when got pregnant before his wife. It's ridiculous!

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