TEXT TOPIC: What is the craziest GO FUND ME you've heard of?

my nephew a go fund me for a wedding ring.

my old neighbor created a go fund me for her cat. Her cat had a UTI but it was really fine. She just wanted money because she refuses to work.

a friend I went to school with started a go fund me to help with medical expenses. Which is fine, medical is fine but don''t go get a large tattoo a week later!!!!!

this girl whose dad and Gpa are millionaires asked for help to pay for college on a go fund me lmao girl your family is wiping their ass with 100''s thank you next

hubby's cuz set one up because he wanted helped with med bills from a car accident he caused from driving crazy drunk.

My sister in law has a gofundme to get a dog. My brother, her husband, pulls in a 6 figure income. He''s not controlling, in fact he gets a weekly allowance.

My cousin set up a go fund me to help pay her rent because she didn''t want to work and the church stopped helping her. In the title she put not looking for a hand out. And I''m like oh honey that''s exactly what your doing. GO GET A JOB!

my coworker set up a go fund me account, she went on vacation to Greece. She wanted to stay longer so she the page. It worked she managed to stay 4 extra days.

My friend did a go fund me page for her 7 year old son who has anxiety. They were asking for $800 to buy a new puppy for him

Had a co worker do a go fund me to get money to help her get pregnant. She ended up getting prego on her own and bought a razor with the the money

my nephew asked for $25,000 for a car. He said he wanted to be independent and not have to depend on others for rides. It''s been almost a year and he never got a penny.

my cousin had a GoFundMe for a one-night stand baby that she can afford to raise but decided to keep the baby anyways

My ex husbands girlfriend started a go fund me so she can get a divorce from her first husband

my daughters friend puts her Venmo tag on EVERY Insta post and asks for money but says "only if you wanna" and ppl DO!

so my neighbor set up a go fund me for help in paying for a college class that he''d previously failed. Get this, his company had already paid for the class that he failed so he had to pay himself to retake it!!! Grrr single mom working 2 jobs to be able to finish my degree

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