TEXT TOPIC: What can you not talk to your spouse about?

weight and eating habits

EVERYTHING! Financial issues, issues with our children Even cleaning!!

wanna bring up getting job so we can afford a bigger house, he gets upset cuz it would mean I get night job&we won't c other. Daycare is 2 expensive

can't talk to my wife bout her 3 adult kids not working or going to school, but they EXPECT cars, tats,gas,food and all from her! SMH

Can't bring up BF paying me back $ he borrowed gets mad & says I WILL PAY U JEEZ every time

My husband always gets defensive over his family. I understand because it's his family, but it's hard when they do something wrong to hurt me and I can't

excessive amounts of being on his phone, and especially while he is driving. it''s always "work" really? ESPN and Facebook isn''t working. nothing is so important that you can''t wait 10 minutes till you get to where you''re going or we are done talking to text or email someone back.

I'm the one who gets defensive. My husband wants to prepare for our future if we were to die suddenly-living will etc. I know it's important but I HATE

my husband gets defensive when I bring up his alcohol problem

wife's depression and anxiety. Enough said

Idk how to talk to my hubs about our sex life. It's boring and repetitive. But I know he'd feel emasculated

I get defensive about EVERYTHING but if my husband brings up any even slightly critical thing about my family, he is shut down fast as he has a bad history with them. He doesn''t even try anymore.

Vaccinate-Don't Vax She's a nurse I have Lupus I think was triggered by Army vaxes Bad subject at our house

my husband is way defensive, he drinks too much. We have to plan our evening around it, and if I ever had a flat tire.. I couldn't call him! :(

money. I'm the breadwinner right now and my hubs is not so great with money so we have separate accounts. Tried bringing up a financial planner. No go.

Hubby is all over me ALL the time. It great but there are times when I''m not feeling it. He gets sulky when I say anything and won''t talk to me for days.

can't talk about moving out of his parents house he says he doesn't feel obligated to take care of them but they are fine what.

touchy subject. Is my husband's kids. They can do NO wrong. They are perfect lil angels.

two things one hubby spends way too much on this game he plays online but I feel bad bringing it up and it''s a sore subject because I don''t work another thing is he''s been taking a lot of leave and I wanted him to save his leave for vacation he gets very upset when I bring it up

Money. Husband makes hardly anything but gets defensive anytime I try to talk to him about what his financial/work plans are. On the brink of divorce

can't talk to my husband about moving it's a touchy subject he doesn't want to move from his home town

can't bring up fixing our sprinklers with my husband. He won't fix them and won't let me pay someone else to fix them either. My lawn is paying the price!

my husband picks his skin and I can''t say anything about it or he gets very mean and embarrassed and defensive. But he''s covered in scars and open wounds and it''s disgusting.

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