TEXT TOPIC: What old school thing are you still using?

still use velcro hair rollers. Hell they still work. Hahahaha

still put my hair in banana clips when I'm cleaning. The same banana clips I used when I was in junior high.

The oldest thing that my family still uses is An old time record player

still love taking physical notes at work... I remember more than when I type. #oldschool

still use a planner I just can't with my phone stuff gets lost with all the DR appointment with my son.

still have/use an aol e-mail ... you can't change me!

CD player

still use a clock radio as my alarm and it turns on to your guys's station everyday

still use a great big calculator. All my young coworkers are like OMG what is it? Hey I'm old school. I hate the one on the computer!

my coworker is still using one of those 13 inch tv vcr combos. It''s the only tv she has. She won''t replace it because "it still works", she can afford a new tv, she makes over $60k. She has cable hooked up to that tv!

rock an 02 Camry only 85k miles no Bluetooth, still has an ash tray =. Should be good for another couple decades with this Toyota

still use a diffuser for my hair. 

still use a walkman with a working cassette player/radio combo. Thec walkman is about 25-30 years old.

still use my friends blow dryer from 13 years ago. ># Stillworks like a charm #basicbitch

we still use our VCR player because the tapes and player are the only thing my disabled brother cannot destroy or ! He breaks everything!

blink 182 sweater I got in 7th grade (I''m 33) someone commented on it yesterday... didn''t know they still made merch

this 90's stereo system was gifted to us when we moved into our house. Legit 3ft speakers on that bad boy. It's old as hell but still works like a champ!!

Tae bo VHS! And Jane Fonda step!

I''m pretty sure my tv is older than me. It is ginormous, rear projection, shocks me every time I touch it, so heavy it has built in handles, no remote. My cousin asked ''what''s on the back of your tv'' i''m like. . . The rest of the tv lol

use a paper calendar. I can''t make plans unless I''m at my desk with my calendar

have and regularly wear a Casio calculator watch. People comment on it all the time.

lighted makeup mirror from the 70's.

still BURN CDs... download from iTunes and then burn it onto a CD. I've got hundreds of CDs with songs going back to when burning first came out

Still using the same curling iron I did in high school I am now 32 years old

still wear clothing that I''ve had since high school. I''m 36 mow. Like Timeless clothing, ie black or white shirt, blue jeans. But I just don''t wear them very much so they''re still in great condition.

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