TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text?

I am so SICK of everything revolving around the damn Keto diet! It’s not the magic cure all! Get your mind right with eating healthy Whole Foods and exercising. That’s what your body wants!

Don’t tell me how to be a good mom! When you're over here supporting your son with his drug habits!

if you want to cheat on your baby mama that's fine but stop trying to drag my husband into your crap. He's not dishonest

if you’re getting gas at Coscto, don’t jump the line. It makes you look like an a-hole and me look bad in front of my 3 year old when I have to flip you off for being an a-hole.

dont tell me you''re going to be there to help me then bail at the last min. I''m so sick of you putting my siblings ahead me Can''t I be priority just one time

HR is on your tail now B! Sucks to suck. I can't believe you thought you would get away with it.

Family, don't complain that I am not spending any time with you but then be constantly leaving me out of group chats, dinners, movies, or other activities.

It is not your kids responsibility to keep you alive. Your alcoholism has already broke this family apart

eff you, rain!

To my hubby-- thanks for waking up the kids this morning on your way to work. Now I have to deal with them while I get ready for work.

best friend and ex first love started to ghost me after dating some biotch & no one has seen him since. Good luck making friends with Kujo as your now wife.

hey a-hole my blinker doesn't end in a question mark its an exclamation that I need to merge can't you see that my lane has ended

Don’t quilt trip when fighting for custody of the kids saying don’t you want to support me with a relationship with our kids when you don’t take the time to have a relationship with them. The kids see through it all!!

I know ur secret. Ur a manipulator. I will never trust u. Can't wait to see how this blows up 4 U

You're not Gandhi or Jesus Mr Utah County Attorney. You're trying to legalize extortion. And I won't be "darkening your door" just to kiss the ring!!!!

dear coworkers, maybe the boss would b really nice to u too if he didn't have to constantly tell you to work! I'm not lazy that's y he likes me

Asshat, stop pulling halfway into the next pump spot because you decide you''re going to gas up your vehicle on the wrong side.. (know that I will back right up to your front bumper when I try to get gas in my spot)

stop telling people u want more hours but when I ask u to cover u are not available. Just because your mom works there doesn''t mean u should get special treatment

I am so done with you hooking up with my brother, and sister. Find a different family to mess with!

Its fine that our ten-year-olds aren''t getting along for a minute...that''s normal. What''s not normal is for parents to get involved. Please treat my kid with respect.

stop telling me how to raise my twins when you never have had twins

to my boss. I have been working my butt off and I have shown to you that I have really improved. So maybe when you talked to me next talk about what I am doing right instead of telling me what I am doing wrong. People grow from positive feedback!!

Don't get upset when I call you out on your crap and avoid me because I'm right!

l have as apartment management. Don't be surprised why people are moving out. My rent has been raised 4 times in two years. F you!!!

Hey Bio mom. You don''t get to throw a fit when you don''t get a say in your daughters care plan. you refuse to get off your unemployed butt and seekcare for your special needs child. You''ve made her situation worse bc you prefer to soak up the attention, cash in on the extra child support and wallowin pity instead of helping her. Step moms are unsung heroes.

to all yall left lane i15 campers, under the speed limit drivers, YOU CREATE TRAFFIC. screw you!

Dont act like we''re good friends and u miss me, u only text mewhen you''re tipsy. Eff off

Dear Gaven. You and your family of crazies need to move out of the neighborhood. You all are psychotic. Sincerely, Garret and the rest of the neighborhood

I second that Keto comment. So tired of it being shoved in my face. Can we all just move on to healthy eating and exercise!?

dear mother in law, all your kids are grown and married. Quit trying to control everything. And stop being upset when they''re too busy for you because you don''t want to plan anything in advanced.

Dear Husband! Just cause you work and I''m a SAHM DOESN''T mean you can leave your damn dishes EVERYWHERE and not clean up! You live and eat here too!!I''m not your mother, if she were here she''d kick you in the ass and put you in time out!!!!

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