TEXT TOPIC: How did you meet your spouse?

10th grade Spanish class going on 7 years!

we met while i was working at the mall. I was dancing around my store and he saw me through the doors! Lol i guess he just had to get my number

met my husband in the SLCC cafeteria we've been together over 11 years now

met my hub wave running @ deer creek res. I was 16 he was 18. Married 10yr later. Goin on 3 yrs

My husband and I met in band when I was in middle school as he was in high school. We dated on and off throughout high school and college, always in band together. Now both graduated and happily married! #goband

met my husband on lds mingles . And he''s not even active. His answer was... what! I wanted to find me a good women!!=

met my hubby at Port O''Call almost 15 years ago, through some mutual friends we had at the time. It was LOVE at first sight. It was off and in for a few years, but we’ve been together for over7 years straight now. ''d Love him so much!

met my soul mate at a Harry Potter book club.

we worked at a fast food place while we both attended USU Eastern and started talking when we had the late shifts together. Been together 15 years. 

Met my husband in AOL chat rooms in '99 from halfway across the world. Married 18 years in August.

Met my wife at a mutual friend's house. dated and married in three weeks. August 1st will be at 32nd anniversary! Love this girl. Listener bill

The mall. Some creepers were following me and my friend. We grabbed some random guys asked them to pretend to be with us. Now married for 11 years

met my hubby in 7th grade in social dance, lol. We didn''t like each other and wanted nothing to do with each other until Jr year in high school. Been married for 11 years with 2 beautiful kids.

my husband found (stalked) me on Facebook for a few months before we started dating. Been together 6 years and married 4

march 08 phone dateline talked 4 3weeks.met at badass coffee 2gether 11yrs

We met at work and he was my boss

met my hubby at the mall, he was a janitor, I worked at Subway, we were set up by his bro who was in security as a joke. We did not speak each other’s languages but it’s been 12 years now

met my beautiful wife online 10 years ago. Moved from NY to start a great life.

friends were dating each other and pulled the "do you have a friend for my friend" bit so they wouldn’t be ditching us. We lasted, they didn''t. 11 years together this summer, married for 4 with two awesome kiddos

on match.com before it was cool

Met my husband at the filling station in Magna. Really weird because neither of us go to bars ever! It was destiny!

met my spouse on Valentines Day at the dance club The Bay in SLC. Noticed him as soon as he walked in the room.

we met on Tinder. Dated for 7 months and have been married for a year and a half now

Met my wife in an AOL Chatroom. A girl who liked eating steak and watches football. Score! We like to joke that we're the pioneers of online dating.

met my hubby when he was dating my best friend in high school. 5 years later when they were long broken up, we connected. And here we are married w/triplets!

Met my spouse on Myspace 11 years ago. Been together overall for 9 years, married for 3 years

met my wife almost 6 years ago on Facebook . I moved to Utah from North Carolina 2 weeks after being in a long distance relationship .

Met hubby online, but he doesn''t like to say that. He says we met at a Wilson Phillips concert. LoL, not sure how that''s any better. Love that man with everything!

my wife and I met at Efy when we were 15 and fell out of contact until we saw each other on tinder years later

my wife & I met playing on the same football team.

met my wife at a Catholic Church in Provo. Very blessed

met my husband at fat cats in Ogden he was working and gave me and my friend free tickets, he was so damn cute, ten years later here we are

My now husband was one of my paying customers. Haha. I was a clerk at the DMV and I helped him with a vehicle registration. 17 years strong

met my husband online. We were both trying to delete our accounts before I had a gut feeling to message him after I saw his profile pop up.

met my husband on my 19th birthday at Calaveras Big Trees. We've been married now for 38 years.

met my wife on Plenty of Fish website, she hadn't even filled out her profile yet. But she "favorited" me.

We were next door neighbors. Made it hard when we had arguments

11th grade English class. 12 years later and we just got married 3 months ago.

Met my husband at my friends family reunion. Been together 6.5 years

Met my hubby at Home Depot! I was shopping for a grill. He was shopping for a Power Washer! Love at first site! Together 8 years now!

Met my spouse at high school! #Highschoolsweethearts

My wife and I were set up on a blind date over 16 years ago, our first date was a Marine Corps birthday ball I was in my dress blues the first time she saw me.

break up broken heart hooked up with a guy on tinder which put me in Utah cheater group text HE WAS MARRIED & my now husband was in that same group text

we met on MySpace! We've been together twelve years and married 11.

met him at Tastee Freeze made him a strawberry shake. Been married for 20 years been together since 1995 .

met my husband on the blvd in Ogden!!! Was 17 and he was 21. Been married for 21 yrs.

met at the San dunes memorial weekend 9 almost 10 years ago, just celebrated 6 years married!

met my husband online. I was paying every month but somehow my hubby was able to use the service without paying. We''ve been married for 12 years

we met on MySpace. I''m embarrassed to tell people that so I tell them we met through mutual friends. Married 6 months later and have been married 13 year

2008 I met my sexy husband at my best friends parents house. In the basement to be exact! Her parents were OOT so my girl invited a bunch of new guys she met at Studio600. I remember being so mad at her bc we were hot freshman student athletes and I wanted to go hang out with all the talent !!! She talked me out if it and so glad she did!! We are going on 11 years in October, married 7!

met my hubs through my sis. He was friends with her. he came over to our house one day to vent about his ex gf that he had just broken up with. I told him that if he ever needed to talk to text me. Here we are almost 5 years later :)

Met my hubby at the old Bogey's Bar but we tell everyone we meet at a mutual friends birthday party. Been married 10 years this Sept.

met my husband on state street at the illegal street races, I was 16 he was 17. Together for 13 years.

met my hubby of almost 11 years at a friend's wedding reception. Yes, we were that wedding night hookup. Lol.

Met on MySpace. Been together for 12 years married almost five.

tinder to temple!! My my forever hubby on the hook up sight 

He was in the military and I was going through a divorce. Long distance relationship for almost 3 years.

Met my husband in my SLCC English class 9 years ago and we been married for 4 years with our first baby on the way any day now!

I met my hubby on Hollywood blvd cruising with my friends. He was in the service. Married 26 years

back in the day, when people actually met people at bars, I met my hubby at Green Street.

Hubby and I met each other at Rascals. 24 years later. Here we are. Still happily married!

meet my hubby at a hot tub party. September will be 21 years together and 13 married.

met my spouse while cruising down state street when that was the thing to do. Been together 20 years now.

met my husband in 3rd grade. Been together 10 years and married for 3

started dating in 9th grade

my mom met her husband when we were on vacation in Roatn. He lived in West Jordan and she lived in Lehi. She couldn''t be happier.

Met my husband at a bar but he dont want anybody to know that

met at 7-Eleven and this June will be 12 years married

playing soccer. Husband slide tackles me then asks me out. Married for 15 yrs

my best friend met my husband on i80. Knew I would love him. We celebrate 18 yrs married tomorrow.

Met him on bumble. Our first meet up he took a $60 Uber from park city to midvale to make me dinner. We stayed up all night talking. 2 years later.He doesn''t need an Uber anymore.

I was my wife's waiter and her mom tipped my really well with her number.. 6 weeks later we got married... To my wife bot her mom lol

started talking to my now husband on AshleyMadison.com,... But we tell people we met at Starbucks!

Met my wife while I was on an internship in St. Louis and brought her home to Utah :)

Met my husband when my friend put on a play and we accepted playing a part. Our parts were lovers and now 17 years later and happily married.

met my hubby when he was a stock boy at a store my mom ran. Been together for 29 years this year and married for 19.

Been together almost 18 years and 10 married. We met because my friend was buying cocaine from him and I wanted The pill hook up he had. we are clean and have a child now.

met my husband when I was 16 years old, he was my best friends boyfriends best friend. We ended up reconnecting on Facebook ten years later, got married and now have baby number 2 on the way!!

first met my wife while both of us worked at the DI. We started talking, she said she was a sci fi fantasy geek, that a pls.been together 6 years.

Met my hubby at Club DV8 in the mosh pit at the Prong concert 25 years ago. Celebrating 20 years of marriage in Oct.

Also met hubby on state street. Been married 38 years

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