TEXT TOPIC: What is your something good this Monday!

Got $5000 back! Sadly, it's going to my divorce attorney for my never ending divorce.

Heading to San Diego Wednesday morning. To get married on La Jolla beach this Friday!

today, my fianc and I are moving into our new apartment. On top of that, we both have job interviews tomorrow. We both want to leave our old jobs. Hopefully everything goes well!

5800 back. Paying off car!! Woot woot

it's my bday and I woke up to my house decorated in balloons hubs is the best

We got $2300 back so we added that to our vacation budget and are going to Hawaii for 9 days!

got $2000 back but sadly had to pay out of pocket for school so it all went to that wah!

my husband has a medical school interview at his top choice school tomorrow!!

I'm getting back $10k from federal but had to pay an additional $6800 to state. Picking up a couple of quads later today!

getting back 5 grand total and putting it towards our down payment for our first home that we just got pre-approved for :) so stoked

got completely out of debt this year so I get to spend my $5000+ tax refund this year on my family vacation in July! As a single mom getting to go all the way to Maine and getting to stay and eat whatever without worries is amazing

$3,230 refund between federal and state tax return. Going to pay my debt off.

Receiving $1400 after CPA told us we would have to pay Uncle Sam $200. I found mistake. He counted a investment transfer as income. He still charged us

I paid for my flight and booked my hotel for a trip to Texas to watch my son & his RSL Unified team play!!!

I am pregnant! We did IVF and our second transfer worked! Due in December!

got the CUTEST lab/border collie mix on Friday. She gets along with my cats and she is SO well behaved. I'm super excited for all our coming adventures

today is my wife's 23 birthday, I left the house early to buy breakfast before she wakes up and we are going to spend the day in park city.

my wife and I are getting over 7000 back unfortunately we have to use it to pay for a lawyer

I'm upgrading my smoker to a traeger

got money back & had some fun but I paid my rent of $1113 so I can say bye to a $120 late fee.

bought Celine Dion tickets!!!

got a little over 1300. A chunk went into savings. The rest went towards cat repairs and a couch.

We get our first ultrasound this week for new baby

the past few years we've had to pay $3000, but this year we are getting $4000! Don't know what our last tax guy was doing! We are going to Europe!

we got 12,500! House down payment

I am getting $6666 back so that's creepy hopefully I don't get audited plan to pay bills

I got 7 grand back. Took my kids on vacation, paid off my car and the money is gone!

getting back $700 saving it for a trip

got back $2400 and spent it on home upgrades. Also booked my Vegas room for the Celine Dion concert there

got $4500 back went straight to medical bills & still have lots left to go. Glad to get some help!

good morning! $24 back on taxes...which means we don't owe! Woohoo! Good luck on your test today, Matt! Win, lose, pass, fail- got your back, babe!

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