TEXT TOPIC: For better or worse! What did you have to do for your spouse?

Dax Sheppard did that for Kristen Bell, unclogged her breast milk

when I had my first born I ended up having an emergency C-section and while I was still in the hospital my mom decided to take off and go to Wendover instead of being there to help me so my husband ended up having to help me go to the bathroom and change all my feminine products because I was in too much pain to do it myself... so embarrassing

when I had a recent surgery it was so bad that my poor Hubby had to not only help give me enemas to go the bathroom but he also had to help me wipe every time I did go to bathroom because I couldn''t reach. he also made sure I took my meds on schedule and helped me shower, I could not have done without him. He''s a saint and I love him.

First pregnancy. Unknown to me my OBGYN was addicted to OxyCotin. So I don't think he handled me right. Told me to have the miscarriage at home.

16 weeks along. You basically go through labor. It was a huge mess. My husband cleaned it all up for me. He is a saint. I have a new OB now

I have endometriosis. When Pain strikes in the shower, my husband has to finish showering me, dry me off, and get me dressed. Its embarrassing.

after my C Section I was holding a lot of water. And my cut came open. The doctor decided to keep it well packed so that it was closed up by it self. My husband had to pack it and bandage it for weeks. It was awful

Wife had an infection on outer lip of lady part and I'd drain it and put the antibiotic cream on it.

After my first baby my husband had to buy and then give me an enema. Later my husband has a mass removed from his head and I had to remove the packing, it was gross!

it was an accident back in 2013 when I got hit by a car why was standing outside another vehicle I couldn’t shower go to the bathroom do anything because I had a broken shoulder blade am I a husband by the time was my boyfriend help me get into the shower undress me dressed me coming to get off the toilet on the toilet on the bed feed me until I could do it on my

I was prescribed pain medicine for a 17 mm kidney stone and none of the drs told me that I needed to take a stool softener, so I got very backed up. My awesome husband had to give me an enema twice. Most humbling yet humiliating yet experience of my life.

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