TEXT TOPIC: Did somebody touch your food without asking?

Literally last night my sister poked my baked potato and her fake nail pierced right through it.

My Father in law always takes a drink out of my drink & I''m like "you can just have it

Had a bag of Cheetos Went into the work room for lunch and a coworker put her nasty hand in the bag and took half of it onto The plate

my aunt will sample everyone's food at the dinner table. She doesn't even ask for permission

A co worker didn''t touch my food, but she had psoriasis on her forearms. just as I opened my subway footlong, she walks over, starts scratching her arms and says "ooooo that looks yummy." Not anymore lady, there is dry skin all over it! I had to throw it away

at my previous job I had half of a subway sandwich WITH BITE MARKS in the fridge. Went to go eat the rest and it was stolen out of the fridge.

The attorney co worker who cut himself out a brownie licked the knife and cut himself another piece.

my grandma can't have gluten but still likes to try our desserts so she will scoop her finger in it to try it while it is on our plates

Took girls to taco shop about a month ago and this couple just left that was sitting at the table next to us. They had a bunch of chips left over and my 25-year-old daughter reached over and ate them.

I was 13 my Gma bought us Taco Bell, she took a bite of mine, I lost it, so gross 2 put ur mouth on my food

used to work at a credit union and I had a water bottle at my teller window and a member came up and said "o wow I am thirsty" and took my water bottle and drank from it. Aaaaand you can keep it.

I was at a baby shower and a lady who I had never met before pulled her extendable fork out of her purse took a bite of everyone''s food rinsed the fork off in her water and put it back in her purse.

my father in law use to eat off of my plate. Just because you're 300 lbs and I'm 120 does not mean you can eat my food! I'll clean my plate!

a friend of my sister said she liked my pancakes then licked her finger touched it and said MINE!!! I gave it to her

my aunt always goes full finger deep in our food while saying, u didn't want that right

my daughter touches everyone's food...she especially LOVES tater tots!! She doesn't ask, she's touched and takes. #getyourown

my hubby always drinks my drink until there is only one swallow left, and then I have to refill it. Good thing i love him but it drives me nuts!

coworker took a bite out of a cookie and put it back. When asked about it he said he didn''t really like it and thought someone else would eat it. He said he does that at home and thought it was ok

My niece likes to take everyone's drinks. One time she grabbed mine and got a mouth full of Vodka

girl I worked with as waitresses would eat the food off of people's plates after they left. Ew!

My CEO will come into the office and cough, sneeze, etc into his hands then help himself to any food we have. We have never seen him wash his hands. Lol DISGUSTING!!

a guy was talking about adult play with his girlfriend and then put his hand in my brand new bag of sunflower seeds. They are yours now he asked why

hate germs but at my old job I made myself a personal pizza and somebody started eating a slice then put it back in the box half eaten. Grossed me out

My husbands aunt was really drunk last weekend, she watched me take a drink from my drink and then used my straw as her toothpick

My coworker picks the bacon off the maple bacon doughnut when we get doughnuts brought into the office. Doesn''t eat the rest, Just takes the bacon.It''s disgusting. I''ve been know to hide that doughnut from her before she sees it.

My wife is CONSTANTLY putting her fingers in my plate to take food. It's so gross. Love you babe, but...MINE!

my husband likes to be noble and only get the sandwich at burger joints. But then he always grabs my drink and fries! Get your own! It's not noble

I lose my mind when a server at a restaurant takes multiple glasses to get refills. Especially if they all have straws in them. I will take my straw out or do something to mark my glass just to be sure I don''t get someone else''s glass. Even if it''s with family.

t dinner a friend he reached over and broke a piece of my crab legs and ate it! Lol good thing I like them

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