TEXT TOPIC: What weird thing did a stranger do to you?

My mom hooked up with TWO of my sister's Ex-boyfriends....AT THE SAME TIME!!! She was such a Hussy.

Right out of high school i found my best friend (a guy) texting my mom one day and when i asked her about it, she was trying to say it was nothing but later admitted that they were going to sleep together but he was having second thoughts because he was married and he felt bad so she said they didn’t. I don’t know if they ever did or not but I was pissed

ex hooked up with his best friends mom after I left a get together at their house with him. Still salty 11 years later, she was nice to me all night before I left. Hoe

lost my virginity when to a 45 year old married Mormon bishop... who turned out to be father to two of my good friends. Oh and did I mention I m a guy?

My bestie dad totally wants to hook up with me I repeatedly tell him no way! He is married and I already dated his son so it's a huge not gonna happen!

hooked up with this super hot guy. Turns out he was a girl from my high schools dad! I was mortified

Was hooking up with a guy I met online, not a relationship just friends with benefits. Ran into his dad at the store and ended up going home and hooking up with him. They were both good but let’s just say experience is more important than equipment in that area

There''s a family from my hometown where the mom has slept with BOTH OF HER SON IN LAWS. She''s completely destroyed the family. Decided she was in love with one and started sleeping with his friends to make him jealous.

My Mom tried to sleep with my ex and then actually slept with my friend. That friend told me that my mom squirts. I got blackout drunk that night.

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