TEXT TOPIC: Are you secretly in love with someone?

I am secretly in love with one of my friends. It's probably been 10+ years. He's married to his husband. I stay away out of respect.

I was in love with one of best friends for 3 years. I was so far into the friend zone that we’d cuddle when watching movies with our friend group just so she didn’t have to cuddle the guys that were pursuing her. It was heaven and torture at the same time. But somehow I was in the right place at the right time and now she’s my wife. Miracles happen people

I was secretly in love with Zak. Found out he felt the same after he reached out to me but we still have to keep it a secret.

in love w/ my recent x GF mom. waiting til I'm 18 to make my move.

SO in love with one of my best friends and co workers. We met a little over two years ago at work and instantly became best friends. I adore him and I never, EVER would say anything. Sometimes I think he may have the same feelings, but it’s complicated and unfortunately, this love will always be secret.

my friend is still in love with his baby mama. She has no idea. His girlfriend of 4 years doesn't know either. Baby mama just got married, he is devastated

a guy I work with for the past 9 months told me he loves me the other day. He said he has had a thing for me since the day I started the job. I'm married

I'm in love with my college professor. He was my teacher a year ago and I still see him around a lot. Too chicken to do anything.

in love with my best friends husband, was even asked to have a threesome with them which makes me think he feels the same, I stay away to not mess them up

In love with my wife! We been married for 25 years and been going thru divorce for the past year. It’s just got finalized and I never wanted this! She thinks i hate her but I don’t and it’s too late!!!! It’s all my fault as well

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