TEXT TOPIC: Who's the person in the family that says, I am classy or humble

my aunt always says she's the least judgmental person, when she's probably one of the most. She didn't talk to me for months when I left the "church"

My best friend always talks about how big her boobs are considering how small her waist is.

my mom. She''s soooooo kind hearted and always thinks of others until she gets mad at you and pulls out the book of tally marks showing everything she''s done for you.

When it comes to positive personal traits, I should only ever hear about these from someone else, never from the person themselves... then it''s just bragging, and very unbecoming and pathetic.

Being humble Humility is a strange thing...As soon as you think you've got it.... you've lost it!!! ;)

My mom is always the one that says she is positive. But every time I see her it's something negative about her childhood or how this world is messed up.

i call myself classy after i belch, does that count?

Its my boss always saying how much he works. But he has his project manager do all his work while he takes a million smoke breaks. #WeSeeYou

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