TEXT TOPIC: Do you feel invisible?

invisible every time I’m with my high school friends. I constantly get interrupted & feel like no one is listening. I’ve stopped talking in the middle of stories before & no one notices.

I am constantly ignored in my family, when I am with my parents and brother it's like when I talk I am muted

at my husband’s grandpa’s funeral. I was standing right next to my husband and his ex-wife was on the other side of me. Twice when introducing people, my MIL skipped right over me to the ex-wife and introduced her, my husband and their daughter. I thought our relationship was good. It was super awkward.

I belong to a Tongan ward I am white and I always feel invisible when groups of women will sit around and start talking Tongan and don’t include me in the conversation

I’ve felt invisible my while life. I’ve stood in lines and they have helped the person after me so many times, my bday doesn’t get celebrated at work like everyone else. coworkers constantly ask where I’ve been because they haven’t seen me for a while, um I rarely miss a day of work.

I feel invisible whenever I go to a family function. I would for once like to fit in with my family.

on a quick get away with a group. All the guys having a conversation & the girls start taking selfies together. Sat on the bed drinking alone

I'm invisible at work I'm not one to seek validation but I feel like if I weren't there no one would notice.

Any time I''m with my mom and siblings, I''m definitely the least favorite. Had a friend come to a family thing and he noticed, we started a game where he gave me $1 when I got cut off or talked over and he got $1 when someone else was, in 2 hours I made $47

I feel invisible at church every single Sunday and I've been in the ward 10 years one of the longest families

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