TEXT TOPIC: Are you lying about being sober?

My ex pretends he''s Mr. Mormon. People don''t know that he called me thinking he overdosed by shooting up crystal meth while my children were sleeping in the other room.

my sister says she doesn’t use meth anymore. She is in so much denial. She is not fooling anyone. We can see right through you.

Basically drink every day.

My ex has drinking problem- telling everybody that they were sober- everybody around us knew this person was drunk – always

my daughter''s Dad lied to me for months while we were together about drinking (because I asked him to stop when it was getting out of hand) He would sneak it and go drink in the garage.

everyone thinks I''ve been clean from marijuana for years little do they know I smoke everyday and I''m about to graduate college.! It helps sleep, study, workout. The list goes on so I see no reason to quit. It helps me everyday but I have to be careful since it''s illegal.

me and my husband have been clean for 5 years now. We shot everything you can think of. When we finally got sober it lasted about 3 years. Then we started drinking more on the weekends. Then it got to drinking everyday all day long. I don''t care who you are if you''re sober you have to stay away from everything. Anything can become a problem for an addict.

Thought I was fooling every1 for 2 yrs. Was doing 600mg oxy daily. Finally got clean (3 yrs) kinda-still use on the occasional weekend no one suspects now 

working in the recovery community There are a ton of people who claim to be sober just because they aren’t doing their "drug of choice" they need to realize it’s not going to affect us they’re only hurting themselves and setting a bad example to clients actually working to get clean #staytruetoyou

My best friend claimed to be sober.. Until she came over to visit and I found black tar wrapped in foil in my garage on the shelf.. it was heroin.I was not happy at all.

smoke pot daily. I shame pot smokers at work and write them up.Lol I ve been told I don t look like i do anything like that.

my husband is an alcoholic and his whole family is in denial. He plays it off well. Needless to say, we are divorcing

My friends ex wife claims she is sober - she no longer drinks but still smokes marijuana and takes pills. Hate to break it to you chick, you're not sober!

my sweet hubby. Lifelong addict, hardest thing ever. I can't do it for much longer

guess I should say, it all started with a shoulder surgery. It's been 15 years. Pills, powders... anything. Hard situation. We have 3 kids

my ex is recovering from meth and started drinking again.

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