TEXT TOPIC: What pic or video are you worried about getting out?

stubbornly insisted on "talking to Peter" in the backseat of an Uber. The bf truly tried to stop me. Can only assume that driver got proof. Whiskey makes me frisky.

I got a really bad sunburn. Driving with friends to Lake Powell the next day, I laid out in the truck bed and got hot and pulled my shirt up a little bit past my belly button and got another sunburn. Now my friend has incriminating picture of me with the sport bra tan line and I’m a dude and threatens me with it.

on two different occasions with two different guys their friends snuck and videoed us doing "adult activities".

graduation night, got plastered. Went to fast food place, jumped up on counter and flashed the entire restaurant... yeah.. it still be out there

ex-boy"friend" has an adult video of us

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