TEXT TOPIC: What is your Passive Aggressive text? April 9, 2019

When you’re the common person in ALL the drama at work, don’t play stupid and act like you have no idea why everyone is mad at you. Grow up. You’re not a high school cheerleader anymore.

hooray you cleaned up after your dog on the trail put it in a bag then left it on the trail u suck

boss if u have to be told or taught how to run things and how to talk and respect your coworkers...you are in the wrong field...quit!!! Your waiting your time and ours because everyone thinks your a joke and a waste of time!!!

I know I use a lot of plastic bottles but I also recycle ALL of them. It’s not like I just throw them all in a landfill, the water at my house isn’t safe to use! I have my reasons.

I love what I do but dont keep asking me to do more.. Maybe you should do what you're suppose to!

hey hubby pick up your underwear that you always throw right next to the laundry basket

mind your own damn business. These are my pets and my life. Youre not a princess and youre about to be a mom. Youre not in highschool. Act like it.

parents, put your phones down and watch your flippin kids at the bus stop. I''m tired of my son being bullied. Now he doesn''t want to go to school anymore because of your kids.

Lucy you lie like a cheap rug don't come to me when you are found out

last time I checked I could go to the cafeteria by myself. I don't need you to yell at me and continue to pout about it over a week later. Grow up!

don't tell people I'm holding your things hostage when you know that's not true. I'm not holding them, I'm simply not bringing them to you.

My babies grandma needs to understand that I was falsely accused of a crime that I didn''t really do. It was dismissed! So stop brainwashing my babies momma against me and treating me like trash! Hag.

to my boss stop commenting on how big my pregnancy belly is I'm only in my third trimester!! My maternity leave cannot get here fast enough!!

If I cut you out of my life, I did it for a reason. Don't come walking back in thinking we're all good and dandy, I hate your guts.

dear "ex" sister; stop playing the victim when you are the one that has caused all of the issues in our family. When we call you out on stuff you deny it and say it''s our fault. Pull your head out of your butt. Grow up.

Why is everyone afraid of making our gay coworker upset?!? And...giving him the raise when he''s doing half the work of the rest of us?! AND, getting the promotion?!? We''re as human as he is!! Still like the guy, but this is management''s doing!

@ the government for not legalizing pot. And @ Utah for being mormon ran. Alcohol is way worse than weed and youre taking away medication from people do really need it. Get your ish together.

to the person that is crapping as you’re starting to sit down on the toilet, please stop. You are literally getting crap everywhere. at least clean up after yourself.

don’t tell ME how to be a good stepmom, when YOU cannot even be a good one YOURSELF!!

you think just because you are a Manager you can Hold me down, news flash karma is a pain, and you will have a boss that makes you hate your job!

My girlfriend acts like a child and I'm tired of having to reassure that nothing has changed and it's to the point where her over worrying actually is

Don't bitch about other people being lazy in their job when you don't do the job yourself

Listen, lady & If you are an educator, you kind of have to care about the kids & Shaming them in front of all of their seven-year-old peers is not cool.

texting and calling an "old" high school friend and deleting logs is called emotional cheating. If your not cheating then be open about it. I am not stupid

to my sisters ex, your kids can see right through you and don''t respect ya for the years of not being a dad. So prentending to be for courts is wasting your time and hurts them more.

To my ex who moves around from guy to guy and home to home. Don''t compare yourself to a military family, you are not in the service. Get your shiz together for our child! Thanks for custody!

You freaking moved your family to a new city to "escape the drama" of the neighborhood. Now you''ve been in a new neighborhood for less than a month and are having drama again. Did you ever stop to think that the problem is YOU and not everyone else? Stop playing the victim!

have you noticed I turn on my little desk fan every time you come back from a smoke break?...you stink and you'll regret smoking one day!

dont say I dont work and do my job when you cant remember what you said a minute ago. Learn how to be a good manager

OMG!!! Doctors hire people who know how to work computer!!! For the love of God!

You know I've been trying to get pregnant for so long! I'm happy you finally got pregnant but PLEASE stop complaining constantly when we're together

to my BOSS.. G.F Y! You're going to be screwed once you lose all your employees for throwing us all under the bus to make yourself look good

dont say I dont work and do my job when you cant remember what you said a minute ago. Learn how to be a good manager

I hate when I cover for everyone else's store but when I need help nobody will cover

Hey bf, we have been together for 6 years now, if I'm THE ONE, commit already. Love you!!!

Manager.... thanks for telling me I wont get a sales position cause I'm a mom, with duties. Whatch out or you will be in HR.

I'm glad that little bump that was both of our faults allowed my insurance to pay for your previous damage. Karma is a bitch

Dear boss and her kids who think they are our boss. Why don''t you guys learn to have faith in your drivers and treat us with respect if you want us just treat you the same

you broke up with me & now that I'm happy you want to make mends? Ha!

hey! Here is a tip, when we are cleaning it MY parents house, don't jump up and down like a 5 year old when you get one of MY parents prize possessions.

Brenda, don't give me advice when your life isn't even together

dear coworkers flip flops don't fit company dress code

hey coworkers, blatantly wearing gym clothes to the office is going to get you fired

hey ex bf, just admit you miss me... I know your kids do!

Dear Utah drivers, if you're driving slower than the flow of traffic GET OUT OF THE LEFT LANE

Hey parents as a coach I have the right to move players wherever I want. Teach your kid to toughen up and play hard stop babying them it's does make my job

for the love of everything good people, match your damn socks!

hey little red Chevy spark from yesterday it is illegal to cross the double White lines second of all don''t ride my bumper while I''m driving legally in the HOV lane I hope you get a hefty ticket

stop parking like an effing asshat in the work parking lot. I'm gonna start letting the air out your tires. #passiveaggressive

when at the park with your kids, get off your damn phone and parent your children from being a bully on the playground, if they push a kid over teach them to say sorry or help them up.

I work in the or And please people clean out your belly buttons. It''s so gross when you go to do surgery and have to use over 20 cue tips to clean it out

listen management at my work, i have kids a house and bills being at work for 40 hours and only getting paid 11 of that is messed up if not changed i am done

my kids dont miss you quit telling people they do. They are happier without you

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