TEXT TOPIC: Confessions in Professions: Free For All!

I work at a coffee shop, if customers are rude to us, we give them decaf coffee

I am a former elementary teacher and the worst part of the job was PARENTS

I’m a master lash artist, people don’t get that they need to wash their lashes, it’s gross to come in with weeks of make up and dirt in your lashes and expect me to clean them for you.

I am an ER nurse, and YES the entire staff laughs about what you are complaining about. And we also know you’re lying when you "fall on the shampoo bottle."

Mail carrier here. Just want people to know that when you complain, we don't get in trouble. We just make fun of you later.

social working: no we don’t just sit at a desk all day and dig through paperwork. The emotional baggage we carry home is rough. Being emotionally exhausted is worse than being physically exhausted.

I work at the Irs and if I can't read your handwriting I will throw your request a way. Sorry not sorry.

elementary kids will tell their teachers anything, without even asking. So when you are lacking as a parent, I most likely know.

Doggy daycare worker here. Daycares are run almost exclusively by high school kids and newly graduates, most have zero animal handling experience. This is because people refuse to pay enough that companies could afford to pay adults with adult bills

you get charge extra if you can is overloaded, don't get mad at your garbage person, they are just doing their job

auto body estimator, if ur rude or annoying we'll push you out longer than normal

I work for a mortgage lending company. Make sure you read all disclaimers on a loan officers ad. Sometimes they leave out information.

driving test- if you don't shower or use deodorant, you are tested more harsh! Closed quarters people! Smell good!

if you don''t tip your server or don''t tip them well they are paying for the privilege of serving you. We make $2 an hour and have to tip out our bussers, Expo, bartender, Etc. Don''t go out to eat if you can''t tip well!

I''m In furniture sales and the worst part is when people know they are at a place with salesman and they still treat you like garbage. Please be nice to us. We are just trying to help and make a living

Airline industry flight attendants will call and make the pilots make announcements because people won't listen to the flight attendants

confessions in professions: retail workers REALLY don''t care when customers say "I''m shopping @ your competitor!" (Go be rude somewhere else) Or "I spend $$$ here give me what I want!" (You bought one appliance 2 years ago, YOU DONT OWN US!!)

I''ve been a nurse for one year and I make over 120k a year working less than 40 hours a week. Im not a boss or in any management position. Find a company who will love you!!!

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