TEXT TOPIC: What red flags did you see but you got married anyway?

my ex husband was emotionally and physically abusive, and keep quitting jobs for 1 reason or another. I was stupid to believe him! I was with him from 16 to 23, got married at 18 and the whole time we were together he worked a total of 2 yrs.

he lied about his age and being separated from his ex wife. Things lasted for 14 years. Threw in the towel after he brought home debt and STDs

prior to our wedding I saw my wife’s beastly side come out. She had anger issues Amber throw things and Destroy things in anger. She would personally attack me and say the most hurtful things anyone’s ever said to me in my life. But I decided to stick with her. She has put in the work to improve herself and here we are married 10 years later and our relationship is the best it’s ever been

took off night b4 wedding, friends caught me, got married, divorce 10yrs later. Oops

5yrs. Hubs was close to his mom. Too close. He told her everything & asked 4 advice on everything. She always knew R business. Counseling helped

he was playing video games with his friends on the day of our wedding and was late to the wedding. Ended up getting divorced five years later

red flag-ex was very flirty with step sister... They are now married with kids.

Boyfriends parents hated me...red flag...we dated 8 years...got married despite it. 18 years of pure purgatory, then his Mom passed away from Cancer. This year will be 29 years of marriage...

my ex husband told me that he was clean and reformed for years from previous drug use. Busted him multiple times smoking and fill my oxycodone 

My MIL has always been crazy and it's just getting worse luckily my husband knows she is Batsh*t!

my ex was dull as can be. Should have known when he'd call me and then not say anything and I'd fall asleep on the phone #redflag

my ex husband on our wedding night told me everything hes ever told me about himself was a lie. Why he moved to america why he doesnt have his license

his family didn't attend our engagement party. And at our wedding they were the first to leave the reception party.

started a relationship at a vulnerable time in my life, as I was having severe health issues. I knew that he was drinking way too much, saw a lot of jealousy problems, even jealous when I spent time with my adult son. I ended up getting married but knew within a month that it was a mistake and it quickly got annulled. Never again

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