TEXT TOPIC: What are you begging your spouse to do?

Begging my hubby to get a joint bank account! We have been married 2 years!

begging my husband to go to church ever since we got married.

due in Two weeks begging hubby to build crib stroller car seat he HATES building anything

I’ve been asking him to get rid of his annoying ass friend who lives off of him always. Been crashing on our couch every other day and it’s just not a healthy friendship

quit smoking and using tobacco products!!!!!

To lose weight!! My wife isn't a small girl but she keeps saying she is "big boned" hogwash excuses

my hubby constantly nags at me to go to the gym. It''s to the point where the thought of going to the gym puts me in a bad mood. Nagging at your spouse only makes them resent you more and more!

BEGGING for adventurous naughty time

Husband wants a big dog...Not happening. Pet Rocks are the best!!!

begging hubby to go to Dr for physical. He hasn''t been since he was released from the Navy and that was 20 years ago. he says he has a well-oiled machine.. prove it mister!

I beg my wife to treat her back pain, it is now to the can't handle sex level of pain. Stop arguing with the Drs and do what they say!

husband got a job offer in Germany with the army. Just us two. Begging to go. Sell everything here in Washington and go live bill free for 1-3 years he''s worried about leaving the adult kids and his mom. We would come back with close to 100k.

begging my hubby to get snipped!

was begging my man to get hormones tested for Low testosterone. He went and now he's getting shots and feels amazing

So, my husband has some skin tags on the back of his neck. Like, great looking guy, but just this skin issue & He has someone whowill take care of it, but just will not do it, and it drives me crazy.

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