TEXT TOPIC: Tell us something good! Happy Monday!


first day back to work after maternity leave... I've missed listening to you guys during my commute!

finally bought my dream couch and I'm stoked! #adulting

had a wonderful Spring break! Road trip of 3600 miles to San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita, Kansas City, Des Moines, Omaha, Lincoln and Cheyenne. Back to ski in Snowbasin on Sunday!

have an interview for a pay raise tomorrow. I've been at my new job two months and my boss approached me about the raise

Booked a flight with my husband to go to NYC this summer!!!

Got gene testing done to find an antidepressant that will work for me with minimal side effects--getting results this week!

my baby sister is getting married in Maui in 12 days!!! Ahhh #destinationwedding

weight lose surgery 2/8/19 so far 60 lbs. 42 inch waist to 34. Still going. So happy

After finishing his 100 mile race hubby is starting his 2nd training round in hopes of completing a 2nd race this year!

have an interview with 3 different PD. Finally taking the steps to be something I've always wanted to be

something good my husband and I will be married 9 years on Wednesday

get a puppy corgi in 8 days!!!!

I am headed into the first day of my dream job after leaving a miserable work environment. Couldn't be more excited

Last week before Spring Break! I have to let you know today because this time next week I'll be sleeping in.

found out on Friday that I am pregnant! We did IVF and our second transfer worked. So excited and want to cry all the time it's magical!

paid for my flight and booked my hotel for a trip to Texas to watch my son & his RSL Unified team play!!!

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