TEXT TOPIC: What did you become "self-aware" about?

your show has made me be more self aware too and I love it! Makes me feel like I can better myself

I became aware that I don’t give my full attention in a conversation, I space off and it hit me the other day, I asked a coworker a question then spaced his answer.

I make a bad face when I don’t want something to eat, it’s not that I think it’s gross I could love it but I just don’t want it at that moment. Working on it

I don’t get along w my siblings bc they’re all very opinionated. I realized when I started going to therapy that I do the same thing. I felt so dumb for not realizing it until then. Now I know what my husband was talking about that drove him crazy

Husband told me I apparently never stand flat footed. I always have one leg slightly bent and I am up on my toes. Never realized that until he told me and I can’t stop doing it!

I glare at people when they chew with there mouth open like I want to punch them in the face

found myself rejecting any compliment and following it with a sarcastic put down on myself. I noticed my mom doing it and realized ''oh hell! I do that to.'' So I learned to accept a compliment with a simple ''thank you.'' Life changing.

people in the office are afraid to ask me to do anything because I walk fast and it always seems like I'm stressed out! Really I just have crap to do!

I didn't realize I wasn't helpful when we did dinner at my bf parents. Once I became aware I'd help clean up etc. I was raised oblivious

One of my friends brought it to my attention that I always forget to introduce new friends to one another if it's their first time meeting!

When talking to people and listening to their stories I always have a story of my own and make the conversation about me. Also never listen to names. Someone tells me their name and I immediately forget.

when the person I need Talk to Iz talking to someone else, I awkwardly Wait for them to stop talking to each other because if I don''t I never end up talking to them

i overwhelm people, I'm a good time until I'm too much. Sensitive ass bitches, get over yourself.

I''ve become self aware after my amazing boss said that I say sorry way too often and for stuff that''s not warranted.

My boyfriend made me aware that I don''t introduce him to people. I think because with my ex he would walk away whenever I talked to someone I knew so I was used to not introducing my boyfriend.

I knew I wasn't a morning person, but didn't know how bad until my step son mentioned i need coffee b4 having morning convos

I tend to interrupt conversations between others when I need something and realize right after with an apology and wait until they are done.

I have always known I pop my gum, especially when I’m stressed. I wasn’t aware that my coworkers we’re bugged by it until they left me a chicken S note in my "Valentine’s feedback bag" that said "PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CHEWING GUM!" I have no idea who it was and if it was that bad, they should have said something. I no longer work there and good riddance to them because my new coworkers aren’t petty.

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