TEXT TOPIC: Paid it forward and the person tried to take advantage of you?

I'm ballsy enough that I would take it back. That's taking advantage of being nice and not okay. 

nope! That lady was in the right. I've had this happen to me and I wish i would have walked away.

it screams ungrateful, instead of showing appreciation you're taking advantage of someone's kindness.

My husband paid for a homeless man’s meal at cafe Rio but paid more because they requested extra steak and sides. Once he paid, my husband never got a thank you.

Good for her for saying never mind and letting her pay for her own!! I hope it humbled that greedy Bitch! Shame. On. Her!!

I paid for a hamburger for a guy who was struggling with$. He told me that he didn't like the kind of hamburger I ordered for him and to take it back. WHAT?!

omg that got me worked up. Greedy beast!

Paid 4 fries for a person. She didn't like the size so she threw them back at me. Wow

my son and I were just finishing pumping gas, a man came up, gave us a story about being stranded asked for money I said we only have some change he asked if he could follow me to an atm to get money out. Oh HELL no

I'd probably pay the $4 and say the rest is on her

Happened the other day. People at a bar. One girl is drinking $3 beers and shots all night. My bf offers up a round and she changes to the $9 patron. I was PO''d. Luckily the bartender pays attention and said no. You can stick to what you’ve been drinking

I'm wondering if this woman having an extra four dollars was getting extra stuff for herself, and was going to pay separately for it.

Other lady should have said thank you and then told the barista that she would like to add the muffin and shots but she would be paying for them. Chances are the kind patron would have just said go ahead and add it. Duh!!

My hubby and I were downtown and a guy asked for cash for a $7 bus tic we had just scrounged cash for parking, gave him a dollar and he said "what about the rest" hubby said ask 6 others the guy then called my hubby a jerk. That is his new nickname. LoL

Similar experience to Wayne s, guy was Asking asking for diapers, being a mom I had diapers on hand ... he turned them down and got angry I did not offer money.

in Vegas saw a guy buy a homeless man food. It wasn't what he wanted so he flipped the tray and started pushing things off the counter

I was downtown and little Asian man walked up and put a cheap homemade bead bracelet on my wrist and said any donation. I only had $2 cash and gave it to him, he said, that''s all you have and took the bracelet off my wrist and walked away.

was at a gas station & someone came up asking for money to get gas. Didn''t have cash but I went over & used my card to put a few dollars in her tankexcept her tank was completely full. I called her on it and she said really?! Oh, thanks and then drove off.

At this restaurant and sum1 pays 4my food, so i thought to pay it forward. The lady asked me if she can add2go order

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