TEXT TOPIC: When it comes to your body, what do you lie about?

my ex husband would buy size 12 shoes to brag about the size, he really was a 10 lol

guy said he was 5'8" on his profile. I'm 5'3" so I'm not worried about being taller. Show up to the date and he's the same height as me... nah bro.

height!! Except it's my husband who's 6'5" and I'm 5' 2"&3/4" he says I need to round up & tell people I'm 5'3" even haha yeah, ok babe.. will do!

my wife has claimed to be a red head her whole life to everyone! Never seen a single picture to prove she ever had red hair.

my husband says his eyes are green. They are totally a light brown. What is he thinking?!!

I'm 24 and measure a AA cup, you can bet i round up to an A cup.

EAR MUFFS! My bf lies about his junk size. He says it''s small or average when in fact he is more than well endowed and the biggest I''ve ever had. Liar pants.

My wife and I have been married for 14 years. I'm 6'2" and she is 5'0". She has always said she 5'4" cause she wears heels EVERYWHERE

mom is Asian. says her facial features (eyes, nose, chin) are due to European blood... it's bc of plastic surgery, you're not fooling anyone mom

I lie about my boob size. They’re real and huge. I squish them into a DDD. I don’t even know the true size. Last time I was measured for a bra it was H that was 10 years ago

sis in law always said she wears size 8 clothing, hmm no! Your gut as big as my butt, I weigh 210lbs and my butt as big as the kadarsians!

when my brother Is asked what happened to his wonky foot, he tells people he broke it cliff jumping in Hawaii. It's actually just a nasty huge bunion.

I'm 5 feet 11 and 3 quarters.....you bet I'm 6 feet tall haha

my mom wore beautiful sky blue contacts for 40-50 years. When people complimented her on her bright blue eyes she''d always correct them (oh they''re contacts but thanks) EXCEPT when a handsome dude complimented her in front of my dad! (Oh gee thanks! Batting the eyes)

my guy says hes 6 foot... we are the same height and I'm just shy of being 5 8!!!

I'm a 44H cup and people get crazy. (All. Natural.) I lie and say I'm a Ddd

My brother lies about my height. I'm an inch taller than him and he say I am 6 1, so he can be 6 foot, poor little guy

I'm actually 6'2 but I say I'm 6'1-I'm a lady and never wanted to be that tall

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