TEXT TOPIC: Thankful Thursday! Who do you want to thank?

I''m sitting in my car with my 4 beautiful daughters listening to zht and I''m so thankful for aleah, averie, Abi and Alivia. They are my reason for everything. Thank you for letting me be your dad. Love you girls

thankful to my uncles for having my mom get a heart test. She had heart surgery last week & would have died if it weren’t for having her heart checked. Lesson learned always be on top of your health! Love you mama!!

thank you to my mom for giving birth to me 24 years ago today! And thank you to my parents for raising me and making me the woman I am today :)

I want to thank my husband. Even when we get pulled into the family drama he still reminds me that at the end of the day the 2 of us are what matter. I’m so grateful for his love and support and willingness to fight for our marriage. It’s a decision we both make each day. I love you!

I am thankful to my friend after my hubby died a year ago didn't think I could be happy and u found him and know he loves and supports me.

I am grateful for my 65 year old angel, Shanna. After a traumatic exit from work, she took me to Moab to hike, be with nature and reset. I'm so blessed!

wanted to say thank you to YOU guys! Been listening since I was 14-15, and I''m still here over 11 years later listening every morning to start off my morning. Love for the positive vibes!

want to thank my hubs, we had to get new renters in our condo he did ALL the work-showings to the crazies, scheduling cleaners, getting the agreement together...seriously I can''t tell u how much I appreciate all u did! Love u!

thank you to you guys! Making my mornings so much better! And also helping me when my 3 year old was taken to the hospital by ambulance I listened to you the whole way there and you kept me calm

thankful Thursday! I'm thankful for you guys! I literally look forward to listening to your FULL podcasts daily if I can't catch ya live

want to thank my husband for being so supportive. This pregnancy has been easy but the these last few weeks I have no energy and I feel like I amdoing nothing to help around the house. I love you babe.

I''m thankful to my daughter Zoe Luna, when my wife past away 4 years ago my daughter of 6 pushed me and motivated me. You know that papa does everything for you. We''ll soon see our queen

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