TEXT TOPIC: Person in the family that screwed you over with money?

when I was 15 I saved up money all summer to buy a car, mom went to jail, and I had to post her bail. $800 I'll never see again.

Bro in law. 500 for landscaping. Dad. 600. Just took it. Cousin 150 for pizza fundraiser. Bro 400 for phone. This makes me look like an idiot

gave mother in law 2000 to get out of payday loans not only did she screw us and not pay it back but got back into more loans I just can't even

Co-signed a car for my daughter who then wrecked the car and decided that meant that she didn’t have to pay for it anymore. Took me 5 years to fix my credit.

my brother owes me $2800 says he will have it tomorrow, guess what, tomorrow never comes.

my mom used my info to open up a welfare case I ended up having my wages garnished and the only way to get it back was to press charges. Totaled over 20k.

Bro in law. Because of loopholes in my husband’s grandparents will, he ended up with everything when they passed. Over $260k and the cabin worth over $300k. My husband got nothing because his late father never legally adopted him.

my brother own everyone in the family money and never pay us back every time we ask him he always say I don't have money but still want us to borrow him

Parent passed away. And they made my grandparents the inheritors. And grandparents are sitting on the Money. But they were quick to let the kids pay the $20,000 to bury

my uncle Joey borrowed so much money from my grandpa over the years of his life when my grandpa died, he left Joey one penny in his will.

I'm 16 but my parents owe me $600 plus and haven't paid me back

my aunt "took my gma I after my gpa died and she stole my grandpa's life insurance money, just over $300k

my aunts stole their inheritance from my grandma and got busted by social services

I’m the one that’s the worst. I don’t borrow money for the money. But when i go in on presents i forget to pay them back for a long time

I loaned my mom 5k. She paid us back later. She bought us an item, and 2 years later says we owe her money & tells everyone we never pay. News to me

One of my aunts stole my cousins identity and opened up multiple credit cards, maxed them out and ruined my cousins credit to the point she can’t go to college because she can’t afford it without a loan and no one will give her one

filed my taxes at 18. Got a letter back stating I got denied because my dad already claimed me on his taxes. I didn’t even live with him. I wanted to report him but my family would have disowned me. I lost almost $4,000 #familysuckssometimes

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