TEXT TOPIC: Is one person in your relationship more touchy feely?

My husband is like a troll. He needs hug time every 30 minutes. It drives me nuts!

my wife whines, makes excuses and rarely affectionate even when I flirt with her she say she loves me, makes no effort to show it. Beengoingon4ayr

my hubby is definitely the touchy feely one out of us, and I’m just grumpy and tired all the time and need just a little bit of time to myself after school and work. Sorry babe... I still love you.

have you seen Amy shumers Netflix special where she says "can I help you" to her to husband when he touches her... that's me.

my husband's love language is touch and mine is get the eff off me lol

I'm touchy feely, hubby is not. He's only touchy feely when he wants sex...it's now a turn off. Makes me sad

I am much more touchy geeky than my wife. In her words " she is a hit it and quit it girl "

husband is not as snuggly as I. -I''m so annoying and I just want to cuddle or sit close or touch- thanks for tolerating

he hates it when I try to cuddle at night because my body gets too warm

My boyfriend and I are like this, but we switch off lol.

Before my bf & I dating he said he wasn't touchy like me. But he is! He's trying to be sweet but it gets too overwhelming especially around others

I'm touchy feely, but my hubby is a huge germ phobe and doesn't touch me. Makes me sad

Im the touchy-feely one in the relationship and my boyfriend is NOT! Im also the one that wears my emotions on my sleeve and he is always leaving me guessing! But it seems like whenever im not wanting to be touchy-feely, he wants to be! He is hard person to read!

call my husband a stage 5 clinger... I need my space, he needs to be touchy.

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