TEXT TOPIC: There something you need to be passive aggressive about?

Passive Aggressive

Hey parents as a coach I have the right to move players wherever I want. Teach your kid to toughen up and stop babying them it's does make my job easier!

You must be very miserable with your self if you are talking about me outside of work to old co workers. Your the HR stop hating.

To all the men who claim to love strong independent women. Great! That is until you get one.Is it the fact that I can buy myself whatever I want without your permission? Or the fact that you need permission from me?

i'm potty training. I'm tired i'm stressed there's pee everywhere get off my back

To all the play day love strong independent women. What''s the matter? Is it the fact that I can buy my own things without your permission? Or the fact that you need permission to buy what you want?

people stop standing on toilet seats at work and throw your tissues in trash or flush it!!! Work bathrooms are disgusting work with a bunch or kidsthis ain''t your home have respect clean up after yourselves.

If you get let over, have the brains and courtesy to wave

quit giving raises to people who can''t do their job. He''s been there less time than I have. Has 3 employee reviews/planned raises in the time I get1. You wonder why you can''t keep good employees, you cater to the crappy ones and take advantage of the good ones. Good luck running a successful business

speaking of dog poop. This guy picks it up in a baggy but then drops the bag off at the city office building employee door, instead of finding a garbage. Ugh

people like you sound so like when you like talk to like others like not smart. Like........

what part of you are married and I'm married I have zero interest leave me alone don't you understand

Collin, ghosting someone who loved you is pathetic. And apparently your MO because you did it to Karlee, too. You're pathetic.

Store closes its dressing rooms at 6 pm. I went to try on clothes at 6:04. I guess they are not getting my money anymore.

you proudly claim our company allows for internal growth, but the 7 external hires in the last year (with 0 internal) shows otherwise

dear hubby if u want our kids to respect, plz respect me in front of them by changing ur tone when talking to me so I won''t do that to u, remember what u give is what you get, sorry been 15 years can''t hold it anymore!

hey graveyard CNA when I come in and check on my patient that lives at your facility. She cover in BM and fell on the floor. Dont lie and say you checked on her when you didnt because I could tell. Why dont you do you dang job.

hey lady on the freeway use your damn blinker so people know you're getting over.

To my neighbors stop parking in front of our house and taking our parking. if you don't have the space then get rid of some junk

entitled teenagers. Want to be treated as adult act like 2 year olds

Hey hubby! Learn how to fight like an adult! It's hard to take you seriously when you're throwing a tantrum like a toddler! No matter how big or small the

Thanks for towing our car with no warning or sign of time periods. Asshats out to make a buck.

3 free trips to Hawaii....had a real job for one year in the last 7. When are you gonna stop mooching off your parents. You are 50 years old. Time to grow

It's funny youre telling everyone online you decided to take the week off work. It's no secret dummy you're suspended for sleeping with our boss

You can't go around saying you are "sober" when you are drinking alcohol again.. That will lead back to drugs again... You've done this before!

Zht I have 5 sistrs. Youngest lives in N. Carolina & got her kids taken away. I flew out there and picked them up to keep them out of foster care. 2 stayat home sis here won''t even watch them 1 day/wk while I work.

Please stop saying you are going to go to events and always dog out or have some stupid excuses every time last min or just ghost everyone for the day. Grow the f up. Done inviting you.

get a clue! No one can stand u. Stop singing your play by play when you work in the office. Your producer is gone, go find a new job

There has to be something seriously wrong with someone who finds it appropriate to come at someone who lost their spouse of 30 years just a week earlier for something that happened in 1984. Back off my mom bo%#h!!

family get off my back pornography is killing my marriage not me!

Dear parents naptime is at 12 so pls don't let ur kid sleep until 11 THEN bring them to daycare they will not sleep & will keep evryone else up 2!

Everyone in the office is busy, stop acting picked on, put on your big girl pants and do your damn job

Dont get mad me when I smack your hand away after I've told you to stop touching me three times. That's not abuse. Its standing up for myself

The state took your kids away from you so don't tell me how I should parent my children

boss I'm about to quit

wife I am not sexually satisfied I tell you this and nothing so I'm about to look elsewhere for it

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